15 thoughts on “Right here's the SECRET to predicting BIG WINS on WILD WILD SLOT MACHINES!”
  1. Mark TunaMan says:

    Buffalo Grand has a similar spoiler for its free games coins. The moment you see the second coin drop, if it’s going to give you the third coin you’ll see it go by on whatever reel it’ll drop on. It’s hard to catch because you have to be looking ahead at the right moment. Try it out!

  2. ST. ANDRE Slots says:

    Very cool tells on those machines now I'm going to watch all the machines I play also hehe

  3. nancy e says:

    I love that game so tell me…. Do you mean it is what you see first coming down from the top?? Thank you

  4. LaVaun Johns says:

    You've just proven that plays are not random

  5. Sonja Hobson says:

    Thanks for the great insider info. That was awesome!

  6. Michael Winston says:

    Nice upload! Thanks for pattern knowledge! Definitely will try is out

  7. Slot Doctor says:

    That was cool, and yet for a big win!

  8. Ewjiml says:

    Please don’t tell me I’m not the only person that already knew the “secret” 🙂

  9. Teresa W. says:

    I Love knowing this kinda stuff. Thanks for showing us the predictions. And slowing it down really helps. Great video.

  10. TV Slots says:


  11. Kristen Larcade says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That helps out so much!

  12. Thuy Dawson says:

    Any pattern on buffalo gold? Thank you for showing the slow video

  13. Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos says:

    That was amazing Neil! Love the slow motion too.

  14. Julie Nalley says:

    Thanks for the lessons! That was fun!

  15. Moderator Christi says:

    I caught on to this pattern when it first came out, same with Tarzan and people are amazed that I can call it out, even down to the correct denomination of Samurai. It is about training your eyes to look one reel ahead.

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