28 thoughts on “RISE OF THE LICENSED GAMES – On line casino Slot Machine Bonus Wins”
  1. Andrew Ludewig says:

    oh that subliminal advertising…..LOL

  2. truffleshuffle03 says:

    Sons of Anarchy can be really good sometimes. Fist time I ever saw one I hit a whole screen of Katey Sagal and the machine went crazy. I have never had a bonus on it though.

  3. Slot Lover says:

    Just want to point out that your complaint about the Big Bang theory is wrong. You said it was $45 on a $2 bet and why was that a big win. It was not a $2 bet, it was a 50 cent bet. Each screen of the big bang is a 50 cent bet and independent of each other. It cost you $2 a spin because you choose to spin all 4 screens but you won the bonus on one 50 cent screen. Your wins are not multiplied, it is still the minimum. Just thought I would clarify in case you play it again.

  4. itschaboyjohnny says:

    Hey keep it up! love the video.

  5. chago b says:

    hey bro nice videos. quiestion? how much do you spend.before moving to another.machine

  6. Commando602 says:

    For some reason I feel the need to buy a shirt, very strange.

  7. NDABE ZITHA says:

    14:35 it wasn't 100 bucks , but 1000!!!

  8. Turbo says:

    I enjoy your videos….Bill. Thanks Buddy

  9. Ryan Cooper says:

    good video but max bet on sons of anarchy will qualify you for the grand just saying

  10. Rhodes1230 says:

    That walking dead wheel slice was $1,000.00 not 100. That definitely would've been a pleasant surprise if it would've landed.

  11. Shelby Richard says:

    wolf Run 2

  12. Mark Kohan says:

    Fun to watch!

  13. GA FLIPS says:

    Licensed franchises slots don't payout for me

  14. Susan _S says:

    Hahaha!! You're in trouble! I spit out my coffee laughing at the " subliminal advertising whisper" !!! Loving these longer vids!

  15. Deborah Zarzyczny says:

    I think you should try reverse psychology

  16. XTX says:

    vid was good but a dislike for putting ads in

  17. bryan sylvester says:

    love watching your videos. you always have a good time.

  18. Eileen Schuller says:

    Wow you must have felt up to a HUGE challenge to play this many licensed games in a row. Thanks again for the combination format but have to say I'm not thrilled with the new trend on all videos to put ads inside the video. Especially ones I can't skip. Just saying. Keep up the fun work.

  19. PinSeeker says:

    I like the raspberry (fart) sound bite you added in the videos. Pretty funny addition…


    Love the Comp videos…especially the subliminal message!

  21. Carol Gadles says:

    Nice !!!! Loved the video, always rooting for the big jackpot for you !!!!

  22. Mimi says:

    Good video, I like the longer format. I do have to say though that the licensed games are my least favorite, especially if it is a show you have never watched. I guess that is why casinos offer something for all of us.

  23. PinSeeker says:

    Wonka is a good game. Can be very hot at times.

  24. That_Boat_Guy says:

    liking the compilation videos….harder to edit I'm sure but keeps me entertained at work…I've seen your videos in the past but thought I'd never go out to Vegas myself to enjoy them myself….but recently got a free trip out so I'm taking it….

    found your videos again and have been watching them for a week straight at work, lol keeps me entertained ….nice job

  25. Adrienne Henry says:

    lol…love the subliminal message.

  26. King of Sahara says:

    Please play Golden rooster or Triple fortune dragon we love these machines here in Seattle try them u ll love them

  27. King of Sahara says:

    Hey man nice video . Casinos suck here in WA state very bad pay out I do not like to go to them specially snoqualmie casino and tulalip extremely bad


    another great compilation buddy. those 25 free spins on walking dead were just terrible!

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