20 thoughts on “Ronaldo's LUCKY WIN on the PCA ♠️ Finest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. QT8270 says:


  2. Mayjick The New says:

    That first play was….

  3. Fi Ras says:

    Where is the win? he loose !!!

  4. xystumpy says:

    Buddy with the 4’s an absolute donkey

  5. VincentKathakraoff says:

    26th/816 how much was the payout?

  6. KnoKnives says:

    How do you stick around all hand with fours then hit your set and fold, do you really think Ronaldo's in with a 5?? And if you put him on a set why are you in at all??? terrible hand

  7. IMANG ff says:

    Gak bisa bahasa Inggris

  8. Hyperhidrosis says:

    Again, who makes up these titles. They’re wrong a lot!!!

  9. Kermit Mahomes says:


  10. Dennis Dahlquist says:

    Can anyone tell me what the outro song is?

  11. Joshua Zerbe says:

    Holy fuck what a bad fold by 44

  12. Peter Stephen Trinh says:

    Sensational Ronaldo. Melhor brother.

  13. Juan Manuel Chonquele says:

    Q jugador la bestia …. Q lindo verlo jugar al futbol y al poker . Crack mundial

  14. Antjosh says:

    Yeah right

  15. hg Hannes-H says:

    Typical brasilian player. No clue what he's doing, but winnig at the end with the worst hand.

  16. MrMattie725 says:

    PokerStars, please give your sponsored players at least a 2 hours training. Minute one: don't open limp.

  17. jeremy_h says:

    That guy in the Germany Jersey sitting right next to Ronaldo has balls of steel.

  18. Oscar Anzola-Schnell says:

    Did really well actually

  19. kookou13 says:

    Man how do people get hands like this when i get 8 hours session of Q5, J2, 104. And when i do decide to play off my conservative look with a monster hand (Q4) they have Aces or Kings.

  20. HowieDaReindeer says:


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