38 thoughts on “Ronaldo's SICK Bluff ♠️ Better of Shark Cage ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. 陳先生 says:

    Woo, Ronaldo playing poker with Tito on the same table ? I don’t think there’s anything better and funny than this ….

  2. Junior Lima says:

    Joga y joga kk

  3. Snuffle bunns says:

    Imagine losing to Tito Ortiz

  4. Diego Alexandre says:


  5. Gaspar Maglaya says:

    ICK Bluff

  6. QT8270 says:


  7. Carlos Noyola says:

    A bluff or a puff?

  8. QT8270 says:


  9. Din Djarin says:

    "Ronaldo the greatest footballer of all time" you clearly don' t even know what football is son

  10. Sivin Paulista says:

    Ronaldo é MT ruim credo.. parece que está a jogar num jogo gratuito

  11. MS K says:

    뭐야 손나우도 보다가 갑자기 이 카테고리는

  12. Torsti Vasara says:

    Stop spoiling in titles!!!

  13. Travis Derbyshire says:

    They’re all just clicking buttons , some bluffs beat 66

  14. koorss says:

    Wtf? Old Ronaldo trying to steal the place of the new Ronaldo (since his is in jail) of master of the random things?

  15. I sk says:

    Play likes it soccer

  16. Canal Canal says:

    Ronaldo péssimo kkkk .. volta jogar bola mesmo

  17. Greg Neil says:

    i think its unethical to let tito play poker

  18. James McCreery says:

    When you tune in for some poker because football.

  19. pora!vzrosletb says:


  20. 8Jallin says:

    Este es el verdadero, el único, el original y el "melhor" Ronaldo!!!!

    El de Portugal es una princesa.

  21. MOiAM says:

    God damn Sam! You gave it away with your face expressions when you saw the quad flop! Also when you said “this is literally one of the best moments of my career!” If I was in place of Ronaldo I would’ve folded way early.

  22. Vas Ban says:

    Doesn't matter if it's live on or online table, pokerstars will give multiple pockets!

  23. Shkelzen Nokaj says:

    How not to play a Texas Holdem hand.

  24. FANTASY Q says:

    Revenge for all the people he’s made look foolish on the pitch

  25. C FC says:

    Injury prone

  26. intan dwi darma says:

    Ronaldo crazy

  27. Андрей says:

    typical brazilian player

  28. DJ Magz says:

    Bad call by 33. He has nothing but a bluff catcher.

  29. Yazid Boustani says:

    Like swiping right for a descent relationship

  30. Capricorn says:


  31. Michael Fleming says:

    On pokerstars I used to be a long term winning player and at the flick of a switch struggle to win… the Great omaha player Nilsef explained it really well.. in the new era of poker you have to work twice as hard to make half as much…
    Pokerstars is so dumb !!!

  32. youness belamine says:

    What a call

  33. Antonio Sousa says:

    Seeing the thumb: he looks like Ronaldo
    Seeing Ronaldo's name at the title: oh it's Ronaldo

  34. Sergio Bueno says:

    Tito call station. How yo call that bluff? Any smart player would think that Ronaldo's has at leat an "A"

  35. Aaaa AAA says:

    pirates of the caribbean theme song

  36. Den Dan says:

    And what about that ps.s.y eater moustache Ronaldo eheh

  37. Paul Sernine says:

    >limps AA
    sick bluff

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