28 thoughts on “ROSHTEIN Insane Win on New Slot – East Coast Vs West Coast – TOP 5 Mega wins of the week”
  1. Adnan Gül says:

    The milionär Rosh the first Person i ever seen that win so much Amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. Gudang Video says:

    You look like Indonesia's famous vj, Mike muliardo

  3. Yeowww2013 says:

    "There there there. Hu hi Hu ha. Not a full line there either." @roshtein
    DrunkinMastAr will be watching your awesome stream tonight after work. Let's gooooo!

  4. Даниляо Холоднио says:

    What's music on intro

  5. chemoide69 YouTube says:

    Nice bro

  6. Chris Qualls says:

    I don't want to upset anyone with this comment it's just an observation. So I recently saw comments talking about how Rosh actually doesn't use real money. I really like Rosh so I had to do my own research and it has not looked good so far. He wins much too often the more I have thought about it and some of the videos I have watched seem suspect. Now he does play live games like crazy time and can you even play those games with fake money? I want to believe he's legit but it would be nice to get an explanation.

  7. vanessa kiki says:

    God win

  8. Kenan Baltacı says:

    Hello rostehin Im Kenan turkey

  9. Freaky Flo says:


  10. Eray AKARCAY says:

    Rosh sir Can you check the messages İnstagram pls ?

  11. No Name says:

    The best bro.

  12. Cas van Ramshorst says:

    Did cash-out 1 mil?

  13. Miles Kenneth Urquhart says:


  14. Michael O says:

    New Jersey German/ Puerto Rican checking in on my guy! Big shouts to Rosh!

  15. Alex Bennett says:

    Keep at it Rosh

  16. Chusnul Chalim says:

    Bos tip please $50 hehe

  17. ศักรินทร์ เกื้อเดช says:

    ดีครับ Hi

  18. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  19. MisterNobody says:

    Im early <3

  20. stan gil says:


  21. Ludivine BOCQUEL says:


  22. Furkan_mid says:

    Insane win

  23. firman hidayah says:


  24. Landon Glenn says:

    1 view Pog

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