17 thoughts on “ROSHTEIN & JAY New File Win x10000 on Cash Prepare 2 Slot – TOP 5 Mega wins of the week”
  1. รัฐชัย บุญประชม says:

    Vety good

  2. ДеД Ау says:

    Чё за чудо у меня в реге

  3. Le_l2r2_ de_yoda says:

    I was there

  4. Milan Dimovski says:

    shit hahaha,hit harder hahaha

  5. Dima Boss says:

    Nice, bro!!!

  6. Kieran Gray says:

    Am i right or does the deadwood win and the balance not add up??

  7. Фархад Гулие says:

    Сплошной пиздежь

  8. Kronos 751 says:

    Please give me 3200 sir help me

  9. sergio ocampo says:

    hi from mexico bro !!!!!!! excellent win!!!!!

  10. Dilnawaz Maval says:

    Ur My Hero From India

  11. 1-Hour Versions says:

    O, i'm first

  12. hirokin_skywalker says:

    Why are you so lucky?

  13. Clayton Eddy says:


  14. Niklas Vollmer says:

    Best streamer ever God luck bro!

  15. SnO0Pz says:

    Hahaha that brohug at 10:26.

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