32 thoughts on “ROSHTEIN New Insane Win 300.000€ on Deadwood Slot – TOP 5 Mega wins of the week”
  1. Юрий Васильевич says:


  2. my youtube says:

    How does he have 1.4m balance wtf

  3. Fabien S. says:

    Ruuuushtein live on twitch baby

  4. J Pike says:

    let’s go rosh

  5. Levonski1 says:

    Rosh definitely deserves it. Seems like a super cool dude

  6. Charles Sparks says:

    Cool video!

  7. Haydar S. says:

    I thought I was tripping listening to the background noises at 03:05 wtf hahahahha

  8. AvarageCracker69 says:


  9. อภิชาติ เหมรังษี says:


  10. ΘΑΝΟΣ says:

    is this your balance?

  11. Dinnel Thirboan says:

    Well done… Payouts only some of us can dream off. ❤

  12. AnkhbayarG RyuSeptember says:

    Really nice one Rosh

  13. Esco says:

    Never have i seen a deadwood land the superbonus on a regular bonus gz bro

  14. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  15. platinum says:

    I can hear train in the back round also love you rosh so much love for you

  16. Raradox says:

    Much love rosh! Good luck with even bigger wins!

  17. zT Pure says:

    Is that Prodigy in the background?

  18. Alex Johnson says:


  19. Freaky Flo says:


  20. Pizza Scripts says:


  21. Raivis Silins says:

    300k damn

  22. Joshua Kingi says:

    The captain is waiting

  23. Levent Ulusoy says:

    Fan vilken tur du har boror,man blir oxå glad när ni vinner

  24. Mo H says:

    Is that prodigy in the call? During the book of shadows win

  25. Sabri Akarsu says:

    Lucky slevinnnnn brooo

  26. lilhappyLilsad fan. says:


  27. Rayman klopal says:

    Wow Love you

  28. Raul R says:

    congrats bro

  29. Void Diver says:

    Was that ProdigyDDK in the call for book if shadows? If so you picked the right person for the game cus thats his baby

  30. Kot Aus Nazareth says:

    Saw you on Crazy Wheels, huge wins my man congrats

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