30 thoughts on “ROSHTEIN New Insane Win 88.000€ on The Canine Home Megaways Slot – TOP 5 Mega wins of the week”
  1. Azza Hunting says:

    Absolute magic, this is why you are the best in the game

  2. szr clk says:


  3. Alex Johnson says:

    Congrats on the 1 mil hit my man

  4. Andreas Nissen says:


  5. อยากเป็น คนที่ถูกรัก says:

    Fan club from Thailand

  6. ya allah hu says:

    Amazing dog wow

  7. Feldwebel says:

    Köpek House

  8. kakalara gadyam says:


  9. Mr Slotdude says:

    Amazing Wins

  10. Jack Duncan says:

    Free willy

  11. Hans Hermann says:

    39k clicks and no comments ? Oo

  12. Fabien S. says:


  13. VIRJU SPORT says:


  14. Connor Wilson says:

    gg imagine winning 350k lol

  15. Sebastian Stein says:

    Actually 84.000

  16. Braidon Utley says:

    And I shall be the first!

  17. Fiveband says:

    Good luck broo

  18. Raymundo Sanchez jr says:

    Best part of my day is watching the replays

  19. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  20. Freaky Flo says:


  21. Devin Christopher says:

    Roshyyyyyy poo

  22. Fitri Dendi says:

    Too early for comment

  23. #Finch# 68 says:


  24. Corney Slots says:

    Where can i play this ROSH game?

  25. Theis Madsen says:

    I hope some day my comment will be the top comment

  26. Nuga Odikadze says:


  27. Adrian Rzw says:

    1 st

  28. Gaurab chaulagain says:

    First to comment i guess love you man

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