38 thoughts on “Roulette at Choctaw On line casino & Resort – Durant. What’s a ANTE”
  1. Robert Schwarz says:

    DeeDee got jokes lol. Killer ice, good gift. You might want to sample some other roulette strategy for the show. Yours current strategy seem to be doing the justice you deserve. Don't like to tell people how to gamble but it would mix things up for you and might be able to pull some wins.

  2. Army Joe_98 says:

    Bro Bro, Harrah’s in NOLA

  3. Charles Thomas says:

    I live in Dallas and would rather drive 3hrs to Shreveport (no ante) then drive 1hr to Oklahoma and pay an ante on every spin.

  4. Shondale Wilkerson says:

    Never been to Oklahoma hope y'all enjoyed yallself

  5. dnizil32 says:

    Bro a word of advice when you're gambling and old ppl and/or women come to your table, set out a spin and watch how they place their bets, if they're doing a lot of misc work e.g. corner bets lol, guessing, and placing bets in last few seconds just before the wave/ball drop that's a recipe for disaster and it will affect your bets/money.

    If you see this cash out and go to another table.

  6. Mol Joint says:

    Bro bro got 14 haters (dislike)

  7. Daniel Chavez says:

    Do you also play any card table games?

  8. Filla Un says:

    Foxwoods !

  9. Pac-Man Grows says:

    Come up To Washington EQC Tacoma/fife

  10. butterflydoze says:

    Oklahoma is pure booty I never spend the night lol

  11. butterflydoze says:

    Go to horseshoe or sams town in Shreveport they hit numbers faithfully

  12. butterflydoze says:

    Fuck that card they keep track of you I got one for horse shoe never use it

  13. Just Like Vegas Casino Parties says:

    SugarHouse Casino in Philly. Think it’s called Rivers Casino now though. Electric place!!!

  14. Garret Gilbert says:

    That place is a joke with the anti.. If I new you were going I would have told you

  15. Ace Beats says:

    Brobro! U gota start playing live poker. Choctaw PAYS ALL POKER PLAYERS $25 an hours 5am-10am

  16. SPFR M says:

    Damn! They took you for everything, chictiw don’t pay!

  17. Sure Shot says:

    Playing the Ante is giving away money…..all u r doing is giving the house a tip on top of your bet no matter what

  18. Kevin W says:

    Hard rock casino in Tampa

  19. V says:

    @3:30 The same thing happens to me all the time…
    I'll be playing the table by myself, winning…
    But soon as someone buys-In and play with me, The table instantly turns!

  20. anton x says:

    Come to Mohegan sun in ct Bro Bro

  21. Reco Monroe says:

    7 9 11 bro bro

  22. Devin Johnson says:

    next time bro. theres a casino 2 hours away from the Mall of America in Minnesota that has video roulette

  23. Kevin Karron says:

    Wow rough one

  24. Razia Anjum says:

    Go to Neworleans Harrrahs

  25. Razia Anjum says:

    No no Debit card Chico play smart get some win some money

  26. Razia Anjum says:

    What's up everyone

  27. Razia Anjum says:

    Play dede Birthday #

  28. Razia Anjum says:

    Happy Birthday to DeDe and hello to Chico Brother

  29. Fred The Uber Driver says:

    Once COVID calms down & Blackhawk Co re opens you gotta put it on your tour

  30. Jesus Roque says:

    I lost 15 hundred one night there and 14 hundred another time and more that i dont know how much

  31. Sunil Shewram says:

    I hoped Dee Dee had an awesome birthday, because I did as well and 1st out was 17 following 20, 14, 33. All my #'s. Please play that Pippen and Jordan even if its $1.

  32. Jacorion Persley says:

    come to Shreveport, all the casinos are like in a circle and we have like 5 or 6

  33. H. D. says:

    Gusto to Busto hahaha

  34. Butter ChainKo says:

    Why don’t you play 23 n 33
    MJ n pat Ewing lol

  35. Larry Preiser says:

    Come to Atlantic City!!!

  36. Aaron Woods says:

    I was at that casino last night

  37. Joe Johnson says:

    Chico welcome to Big D. Hope you did well at Chotaw, man Wind Star is two big. –it….

  38. Edog Gonzalez says:

    Come out to Wendover Nevada. It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes West from Salt Lake City Utah! I would be down to play some craps and roulette with you bro!

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