20 thoughts on “Roulette at Winstar World On line casino. MY #S CAME BACK TO BACK! "30,000 SUBS?!?"”
  1. wael jwiser says:

    This is my Man. Play heavy at other numbers like 21 besides 18 and 3. Have always a good luck bro

  2. ThatGuyRyan says:

    What's with the $1 ante? Ive never heard of that on roulette before.

  3. butterflydoze says:

    He at my table cause the virtual table to the left next to the bathroom

  4. butterflydoze says:

    That’s that old white lady dealer she cool she hits my numbers a lot lol

  5. butterflydoze says:

    They still only letting 3 ppl at a time on the table shit sucks I be waiting a hr

  6. Will P says:

    I spit my drink out when that guy started crying. LMAO

  7. spin4u says:

    Damn $10 max on the table. No fun and an ante. Was hoping to see them towers!

  8. Adam Merry says:

    Why do they anty?

  9. krueger 666 says:

    Whats with the 1 dollar ante? Never seen that before

  10. Israel Diaz says:

    Never seen such a low max bet and wtf is a anti for

  11. jto says:

    Is that intro song on Spotify ?

  12. Among Us says:

    He deserves 100K subs

  13. Carl rix says:

    Play 2 guys

  14. Kevin Karron says:

    Got to love back to back

  15. Carley Sides says:


  16. D Dulm says:

    Hey Chico, why are all your videos private? You have such good content.

  17. Chris Hennock says:

    My boy Chico

  18. DP says:

    No better feeling at the table than when you hit a back to back!!! Well maybe a 3peat.. but that be rare AF. Lol.

  19. loose screw says:

    Excited for another video. Let’s go

  20. Carley Sides says:


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