18 thoughts on “ROYAL & STRAIGHT FLUSHES ♠️ Greatest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. BoardSports says:

    A fresh cup of coffee and the youtube algorithm – really nice – did not search for this, but enjoyed this a lot xD

  2. David Garcia says:

    If on Vanessa lost hands with the same grace as when she wins

  3. Eduardo Pereira says:

    Vanessa não sabe jogar. Só botaram ela no PS pra ter cliente da comunidade gay
    Me julguem e foda-se .

  4. Khiari says:

    Soo lucky

  5. Terry Smithson says:

    The simple coin fifthly analyse because soldier conventionally label for a endurable helmet. curious, hideous high texture

  6. DEUTSCH-SERBE says:

    vanessa? where the….? i just see only guys

  7. Nikos Alpha says:

    I don't like Vanessa

  8. Charon Christ says:

    I guess that guy from LMFAO is still shuffling lol


    Reupload weh…

  10. Sam Green says:

    It’s nice to see Selbst in a positive video and not a bad beat video hahaha

  11. XtotheK says:

    Craziest part about the last hand is that to this day no one knows exactly what Rabah folded.

  12. QT8270 says:


  13. Tom says:

    God selbst is so unlikable. Smart ass comment right after you destroyed your opponent.

  14. Sam Lava says:

    Didn't know PewdiePie played poker

  15. Zachary Powell says:

    killed more action than wearing socks with sandals. gotta love Joe

  16. DJ Jordan says:

    Sick is having to listen to Stapleton.

  17. bLuR Erupt says:

    @4:37 look at how she shuffles XD

  18. Nicole Sumagaysay says:

    Wazap Guysss

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