41 thoughts on “S3:E6 Poker Hero INSTANTLY regrets resolution with POCKET ACES!”
  1. Jaman Burton says:

    Switched up the look on this latest effort, I was getting a bit tired of the old feel. Give me your thoughts!

  2. Jerry Kellerman says:

    On ur aces don't fret shit happens , maybe he had queens and felt like one when he slapped down 200$ only we know through video he was a big dog that bit you . Shrug it ,don't lug it

  3. David Hustle says:

    Love the style of your vlogs. I came across your poker vlog thru Andrew Neeme's. Honestly I aspire to do the same in the future, my greatest hold up is simply being undereducated in video editing. But as a compliment if I was to have a style as far as font and lil edits and so forth to aspire for it would be yours Jaman. Any suggestions for learning how to do so you'd be willing to share with a sincere inquiry? [email protected]gmail.com (I do recognize your time has value & can contribute accordingly)

  4. cha xiong says:

    damm yeah you should had folded that pocket Aces. i know its hard to fold pockets aces, not just you.

  5. spoder4k says:

    I’m not quite old enough to limp this hand UTG just yet…

  6. Brian Joyce says:

    Continually innovative, it works. Sameness is boring, although soothing. X factor Jaman gets it done in all ways.

  7. Gregory Richardson says:

    Yoooooo…..I just found this VLOG. It has instantly jumped to my favorite poker vlog. That is not a knock against Brad Owens or Neeme, but holy shit, your vlog is pretty dope.

  8. john meilleur says:

    I just discovered your blog, you're awesome man

  9. Wapo McFrost says:

    Sup Jaman! Great Vlog. Love the comic style transitions!! Do you do your own editing?

  10. RhinoSavage says:

    Like, Sub, Comment. ✓

  11. P M says:

    Hey JB, my wife and I lived in St Charles the first year we were married, in 1981. Were you there then? I sure miss St Louis style pizza.

  12. steve com says:

    great editing bro.

  13. Raymond G says:

    Superb editing, brah

  14. cameron L says:

    Jaman, huge fan.
    I'd love to see more voice over. On table action.
    I think all of us bet,fold and raise in non profitable situations based on the person.
    Would love to know what you pick up on people when you play.
    If your ever in Texas would love to play with you

  15. Charles says:

    I mainly play tourneys but honestly, this was the best cash game poker vlog I've seen.

  16. Zeus Mampusti says:

    newly subscribed. great content, keep it up please.

  17. Donald Cedar says:

    How do you decide when to leave the poker table? I think this is an underrated poker skill. I have had sooo many sessions where I am up over 20bb/hr within the first hour or hour and a half and then I slowly bleed chips into the negative over the next 4-6 hours. I am thinking that if I ever go above 20bb/hr then I should force myself to leave if I ever fall under that number.

  18. shawnbb73 says:

    How can any of the other Vloggers win awards over you? Seriously I love Neeme and Owen and Vibes is OK as well but damn Jaman you are so much better at the vlogging game. Your just straight up smarter than the others no really higher IQ by a ton and just damn good. I hope some day people realize you are s superior talent and you get the recognition you deserve. Love the vlogs since day one. Hope you get Daniel Negranu famous. You deserve it. (PS, Being about the same age and weight as you I suggest you get a CPAP machine for better quality of sleep at night) trust me it will help. I have stayed up late playing poker over 20 years and finally I listened and got a cpap machine after my exam. So much more rested after my 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Best wishes to you Jaman. You are a genius!

  19. Eric Holmquist says:

    First, I liked that call with AA on the JJ55x board. There are just so many middle pair/AK/AQ non-believing hands that will turn that into a bluff on the scary board, for that much I make that call every time. Second, "I'm not quite old enough to limp (AA) UTG…", that literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you for the much needed chuckle. Finally, my friend, you are a master of great graphics, is that what you do professionally (apologies if that''s old information, I'm a recent subscriber.)

  20. Nick Vanderwest says:

    Always entertaining. Gonna have to head down that way this summer and play.

  21. Vidda Grubin says:

    Yo, Jaman, you realize you are the best poker vlogger. And it's not close. Storyline wise, editing, travel, etc. You crush all the rest, and a lot of them are good as well. Cheers, mate.

  22. Peter Cheung says:

    Me so horny…

  23. tobian norris says:

    Come to So Fl bro!

  24. Clifton Volatile says:

    Great editing do you do it yourself?

  25. steve deola says:

    Very nice Sir!!

  26. Brian Williams says:

    Normally i dont take on new bloggers , but notes said Charles watches this blog. I must say fabulous. Very very nice !!! Keep up the good work

  27. Camouflage Productions says:

    I watch you all the time and I am loving your video productions. Just good stuff.

  28. Johnny Tommy says:

    Your editing skills are amazing!

  29. The Baseball Family says:

    Nice video bro

  30. Michael Carney says:

    Love the editing, nice work!

  31. Daddy Sharkkk says:

    What’s OMC stand for?

  32. David B says:

    Awesome content! Love the car!

  33. Justin Nguyen says:

    "i'm not quite old enough to limp under the gun with this hand yet" haha

  34. Jay Kinch says:

    My first time watching. Enjoyed the video. Keep up the good work.

  35. Matt Pierce says:

    "super dounchey durrr microcheck" hahaha just found your channel and you are already my favorite poker vlogger. Cant wait to see more.

  36. NC7491 says:

    One of the best produced vlogs not in poker youtube, but the whole youtube. Kudos Jaman! The style of this video reminds me of American Splendor, although a bit more upbeat obviously. Must be hard to do it this way. Respect.

  37. Jesters_Thorny_Crown says:

    Excellent vlog episode. Its been a pleasure to watch you develop. Keep on keeping on lol.

  38. James Ivan Donnelly says:

    Slick vid Jay Man.

  39. Kangaroo 9029 says:

    The way you stack you're chips makes me sick

  40. arana001 says:

    great work

  41. George Thomas says:

    These are the best poker vlogs I love your personality

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