23 thoughts on “Sahara Gold Lightning Hyperlink – Magic Pearl Lightning Hyperlink – Excessive Restrict Slot Play”
  1. Phyllis DeL Giudice says:

    This was a fun video Jon…can't believe your luck sometimes! Hope you and your new little "addition" are doing well. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Sara Brown says:

    Fry: Why couldn't she be the other type of mermaid, with the fish part on top and the lady part on the bottom?

  3. Ed says:

    i know you have to play to the masses but damn I hate those 5-reel video machines. Thanks for playing mostly "old school" machines though.

  4. Charles O says:

    Nope that wasn't fun NJ… I wish you'd mix the betting denominations up more often & Make it fun again .

  5. John Jacobson says:

    I NEVER lose money watching NJ Slot guy!!! Win every time! Spin it to win it bro!!! Thanks for the vids…….

  6. UNCLELEMUR says:

    One day I hit $6300 on a line hit on this game playing $1 Denom and $25 a spin. 1st spin hit with wilds and totaled $6300. no Bonus. No Shit, I got pics. And it was on Free Play 1st spin!

  7. greenfive says:

    In the slot industry they use the word "play to extinction" these games are designed to separate you from your assets. It's unethical how many near misses they plug into the games. The amount of near misses that you experience would never occur randomly. Everything is designed to separate you from your money. I've lost 80 k. Im not going to chase it, just accept it is gone and will never come back. The best quote I ever heard was "the only way to make money in a casino is to own the casino" — Steve Wynn good luck buddy I hope you win a Massive Jackpot

  8. James Chailland says:

    Didn’t sound like yourself in this vid hope all is well NJ. Thanks for the great content

  9. Keith Baines says:

    I've always wondered… Why do you not like it when you accidentally stop the reels? Thanks for your videos that entertain me before I call it a night. Take care. Peace

  10. Greg The Gambler says:

    Nice come back on the bonus. You'll hit the big one next time.

  11. LastClapProductions says:

    Degenerate is such a strong word. I prefer dejonerate

  12. For the fun of it says:

    OMG like your vids, however, can't believe that almost every machine your on wiggles!!!! can't watch, just have to listen!

  13. john Kulpowich says:

    Thanks for letting the count meter play out sometime it part of the game

  14. Gamble The Globe says:

    getting 5 of the 6 coins / pearls needed to get the lighting bonus, sucks! Keep making great videos NJ!

  15. Timothy Adams says:

    Oh man stick with the slots I hate video but you got to love them cherries haha

  16. Wade Steven says:

    I am not a big fan of these gimmick slots. But I am glad you play them once in awhile. They are fun to watch in moderation.

  17. Sketchy Savage says:

    Tell your friends hahaha

  18. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    whaat a turnabout Beth NJ

  19. Liz Johnson says:

    I get your point about the "choose your denom" – i inadvertently played $25 a spin because i didn't realize it was on the $1 – thought i hit .25 denom – boy that would have been sweet if it hit! I prefer the straight dollar denoms – easy math – glad you got a rebound somewhat- dont blame you for playing that- you never know and that is gambling- game of chance and that's where the funs at! Great video as always NJ thanks!

  20. Billy Cash says:

    lol Flipper saves the day on the last spin

  21. david isenberg says:

    damn i hate those machines !!!!!! even when flipper saved you from going down with the titanic….. maybe just maybe i get to see a hand pay on one of those dogs before i keel over and croak, but i'm old as dirt……

  22. photios nicolaou says:

    Yeah I agree , it’s bad enough we are stuffing the machine then to decide what denom gets me every time , it’s not just you

  23. Jill Marler says:

    That’s about what our night went last night in Cherokee. Win a little and gave it right back. RonBand and I came home with less cash but had some fun.

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