45 thoughts on “(SCANDAL!) Phil Hellmuth Erupts At Matusow After Being Instructed His Playing cards”
  1. Nate Hunt says:

    U need to stop talkin and just let the video play I just wanna c phill freak out not u talk about it

  2. Paul Williams says:

    I totally agree 100% with your statement Doug , if you've run out of gas don't step out the car and start help pushing your opponents car!

  3. Duane Wilson says:

    omg ! shut up!

  4. Andrew Juarez says:

    Y tf did this video take 14 min???????????

  5. Smalf ' says:

    I've been watching poker videos for like 4 hours now. I don't even play poker…why am I here?

  6. Danny Shirley says:

    He is out of line

  7. Delta Mike says:

    12 minutes of very annoying, excessive commentary for a 2 minute video. You should assume your viewers know the fundamental rules of Hold 'Em.

  8. Osman Goz says:

    Can you please shut up ? We see it

  9. Clemente Carlo Borja says:

    You talk too much just play the god damn video of the play. its so annoying.


    That's the tamest Hellmuth blow up I've ever seen, honestly I'd have been more pissed being either of the guys in the next hand while the whole table is still babbling about the last one, but I guess this is a bit more laid back since they are pretty chatty the whole time.

  11. Njbori973 says:

    If I was nick I would of ripped Mike a new one

  12. Stephen Curran says:

    Possible that Hellmuth knows how out of line Mike was and the blowback there’s be if he’d made a call with that info so he folded? Now I know that seems unlikely but consider this, how likely is it that Phil doesn’t pick up on the dead spades? Which is less likely, I’m gonna give Phil the benefit of the doubt and think that he was doing what he knew was right

  13. What do you Think says:

    I saw a pair of AA at the12 mins mark. OO

  14. combcomclrlsr says:

    Phil actually takes it pretty well.

  15. Krunoslav Simunic says:

    OMG, you talk to much!

  16. Jonathan Shoop says:

    Lol look at Phil smiling with those aces

  17. Robert Fisher says:

    Hellmuth is a psycho. Getting professional help does no good.

  18. Ultimate Kad says:

    God i hate this channel. Gotta hear this guy telling everyone the obvious when we just wanna see the video.

  19. Gordon g says:

    Once, Phil Ivey was to helmuth's left and kept three betting every time Helmuth raised preflop. He would then fold to every Ivey continuation bet. Finally, Helmuth fumed, "another 3 bet? When are you gonna stop doing that?" Matusow said, "maybe when you stop folding!". Ivey said nothing, but a smirk was very visible on his face. That exchange showed why Helmuth is a fish among excellent players in cash games.

  20. Paul Moulaison says:

    You talk WAAAAAY too much !!! STFU and play the video !! FCS !!

  21. Blake Smith says:

    Why don’t u add the real video? I don’t want to hear all the extra bs

  22. thetshirtblog says:

    Phil Helmuth's strategy is to level himself

  23. Ultimate Kad says:

    Dude we knowbpoker why can't u just play the god damn video

  24. Matthew Stewart says:

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  25. Wanderer says:

    Wow …. 3 mins in and you're just random talking, jumping all over the place ….like a comedian who can't get the punch line out…

  26. Sofa King says:

    when he said 25/50/100 I heard 25/5100

  27. ヘンリー says:

    Hey doug. You suck and delusional

  28. Dallas Acuff says:

    God… just shut the fuck up and let the video play fool

  29. navidski says:

    It’s sooooo fucking annoying watching your videos. Your constant interruptions and stupid, captain obvious style explanations totally kill the mood and dynamic of the game.
    Either your viewers are complete idiots, who know Jack shit about poker or you think if it’s work for cutiepie, it’s gotta work for you too.
    1st and last time I watched this shit.

  30. Paul G says:

    Wow Mike, what a bush league comment

  31. yetor K10 benton says:

    The odd favored Phil after Mikes comment, tuff call but one has to make it just to keep people from squeezing you out of a pot.

  32. Jeff Bailey says:

    Doug Polk you talk to much and say nothing worth saying . But thank you I’ll never watch another video of yours.

  33. eiupanther2012 says:

    Phil said he had aces. NOT Mike.

  34. Tony Oldham says:

    Am I the only one tired of the play stopping while this guy talks and talks and talks, explaining what everyone is doing as if we could not see that ourselves???

  35. CountUrBlessings 117 says:

    This aint yugioh

  36. #mikemerone says:


  37. #mikemerone says:


  38. Jeffery Oldridge says:

    I thought Phil did yoga and shit to balance himself. He’s a very on edge, foul mouthed type of dude. Must not have stuck with the meditation very long.

  39. dub16100 says:

    This video is about 10 mins too long.

  40. dub16100 says:

    What a yappy fuckin table.

  41. Desiree Corpuz says:

    Was looking forward to watching the hand play. Doug Polk your voice was just shit bro. Didn’t have to pause and commentate on this shit.

  42. Eduard Velasco says:

    Bro stop talking just play the video

  43. Alex VanSchoyck says:

    Less commentary, more video. Jeez.

  44. leif dahlberg says:

    you talks to much

  45. Chris Zablocki says:

    I mean, you have to bet. In order to get a fold.

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