8 thoughts on “SCOOP 2021 29-H $2k L. Veldhuis | PaDilhA SP | Naza114 Remaining Desk Poker Replays”
  1. Robin Meier says:

    first hand and somebody is already hitting a one outer lol nice one pokerstars

  2. Alex L says:

    callin brazilian player friend and buddy??? lol Lex take the tongue out of the asshole, its disgusting

  3. Hatim says:

    raidalot should've been in the title too, a true legend of the game

  4. Luke g says:

    beautiful ICM play!!

  5. Cybalanced says:

    Disciplined ale6ka made himself some nice payjumps

  6. Alexey YouTube says:

    ante 600?

  7. Ficosranc says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you DOMINATE a final table!

  8. julliekoning says:

    Padilha was dominating it like crazy, very skilled Icm play.

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