9 thoughts on “Shock Excessive Restrict Slot Play 🥳 Particular Stay Play to Have fun 420!”
  1. Jerry Kline says:

    so funny to see you excited about these tiny jackpots

  2. B Grats says:

    What happened to the Big Jackpot channel? Is Raja flying solo now?

  3. Catherine Alexander says:

    Boom from Illinois good luck

  4. R G Slot Wins says:

    i love when you go live on raja slots it reminds me of the good ole days

  5. Elsa Villalba says:

    No se mira bien el video está muy borroso

  6. Summer Savage says:


  7. Pascal Guerandel says:

    Can't they make a slot machine that has letters, RAJA! And with a picture of you and sounds and comments you make!

  8. Tere Echenique says:

    Hi good luck

  9. Margaret Kalaj says:

    Thanks it was really fun!!!

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