29 thoughts on “SHORT & SWEET! 5 Frogs Slot – MYSTERY BONUS, YES!!”
  1. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos says:

    I just love the concept of Super Free Games and while this was nice win, I knocked on Jackpot's door on this game before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dghHoympko Another game where Super Free Games came through for me was on Untamed Riches, one of my highest-rated videos, a great one to check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a4p_2zQVvw Thanks for watching and if you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBP

  2. G Money Slot Machine Videos says:

    This one is tough but has lots of potential and so cool to see you get the super feature and a big win! Best of luck to you Tim on your upcoming casino trips!

  3. Peter Corpus says:

    Can you start saying where you are at ?? Gracias ☺️

  4. Peter Corpus says:

    Tim , what casino

  5. Joe Zazu says:

    You sure became a low baller, I guess the payback is what the casino did to you

  6. Rita B says:

    Hey Tim, congrats on your big win bonus! So glad your camera battery held out. I think I was more nervous for that than the 33 spins LOL. Thanks for another fun video and stay well.

  7. LOWCASH SLOTS says:

    Sure is a classic. And we do looove it ! Great video Mr. Bp

  8. alan oken says:

    Thanks Tim for your prompt reply. As I once mentioned to you, the only person I enjoy more than you at the slots is me! And since there are no slots here and Singapore (two great casinos there!) is closed to us, thanks so much for your videos and continued Jackpots to you.

  9. alan oken says:

    Always enjoy your videos and your genuine love for what you are doing both in terms of playing and sharing. But I am confused because I hear lots of people and you sounds as if you are not wearing a mask. I am in .Indonesia so I have no idea of the present set of rules for casino play in the USA. Can you please clarify?

  10. Lisa Malone says:

    Hello Big Payback.
    This is one of my all-time favorites.
    I play this anytime and any place I find it!
    I have to work up my nerve to choose the Mystery Choice. Thanks for letting me see the feature.
    Congratulations. Consider carrying a power block when your battery gets low.

  11. Badgerrr Lattin says:

    Hope you won't mind a quick question. Do you find, whenever you are near a casino, your car starts getting horrible radio reception? This seems to be the case for most places I go. If you do, have any idea why that is? All them electrical machines in one place? Some kind of anticheating device deployed by the establishment?

  12. Littlebitofnothin' says:

    Great bonus. Glad mystery came out in your favor, especially eliminating smallest multiplier. I will check out your jackpot win. This was one of my favorite slots I used to play at Harrah's in Las Vegas. Not easy to find anymore. I always enjoyed the super feature bonus music, reminded me of sports highlights. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for posting and good luck!

  13. liz schwartz says:

    I recently started playing this again after not playing for a long time it’s been fun. I’m just getting so “Link” tired I’m trying the older classics. That was a nice short & sweet session!

  14. Peter Dobson says:

    Hi Tim, you know I am a BIG fan of these chinese based machine. So cool to watch and to play. You got a good run with your 33 free games. That's a prize in itself. But the payout was great Tim. I only have time to comment on this video. My apologies for that. Thanks for sharing and you have great and safe weekend.

  15. Tam E says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Cassanova Slots says:

    Loved all the coin shows!! Way to go Tim!

  17. Derek B says:

    Nice win i have no luck on that games what so ever always loose at it thx for sharing

  18. Brother Dave says:

    awesome win for 3.20!!

  19. Tina Vocassio says:


  20. Matthew Fritsch says:

    That looks like a fun one. Nice short and sweet treat.

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