41 thoughts on “Shuttered Vegas On line casino Tour 2021 – The Many Closed Casinos of Las Vegas – When Will They Re-open?”
  1. Miles to Memories says:

    Which still closed casino is the biggest surprise to you?

  2. research and development says:

    Jesus..we live in vegas and didnt know all these spots where closed.. … ghost town…

  3. MrStrollerisme says:

    Well you can rest assured Steve Wynn and the Boyd group will be just fine, regardless. What I would like to see is the never opened MGM Theme park status. We moved from Vegas in '91 and now it seems the Excalibur would be considered old. Closed or not I can't believe you got a camera on the gaming floor.

  4. Patrick Mcquello says:

    Washington DC wonders why the capital was stormed? They don’t care people have lost everything! Nancy still has her 30 grand refrigerator! This is beyond sad! People are so afraid of dying there already dead! Heading to Laughlin Wednesday!

  5. John Wojciechowski says:

    I’ve never been to the “modern” Las Vegas. My memories are of the old Las Vegas. Pre 1975 where all the legendary casinos were. I loved those days.

  6. Craig Jorgensen says:

    This HAS to be affecting the Real Estate market?

  7. john foote says:

    Hi , just wondering how they pay the power and water etc when there are no customers

  8. THE DJER says:

    I know you are a Henderson tesident, and love your city. I have been to Vegas many, many times. I have a way different perspective on Las Vegas, post pandemic . Sin City has noone to blame for all these closings but themselves!!! Your young tourists just don't give a damn about the virus. Las Vegas will never be the same for many, many years. Too bad, but your economy is down the tubes and will be for some time.

  9. Just Facts says:

    How some are open and majority closed? Rio open but dead!

  10. Jared Swengle says:

    Thank you for your videos. My wife will be in Vegas around the end of June. Staying at Caesars. Do you foresee them remaining open?

  11. Chip Allen says:

    This town is dead

  12. Irishman says:

    MaGoof brothers are like the titanic of the investment world.

  13. Douglas R says:

    save your money america is a bad investment its been raped and stolen.

  14. George Ley says:

    Never thought I would see sin city brought dwn to it's knee's

  15. Human Errer says:

    Thanks for switching it up to many casinos that aren’t actually in Vegas so that this video was completely useless and a total waste of time.

  16. Diego Veiga says:

    Is the area around The Palms and Rio as sketchy as the north of the Strat?

  17. reddevilparatrooper says:

    Thanks to the people who voted Communist Democrat like Sisolak and for Chicom Biden. Sisolak has closed your asses down while he gets a regular pay check from all of us tax payers for life even if he gets recalled or finishes his term as governor.

  18. Larry Smith says:

    The biggest hotel/casino operators in Vegas have stated these giant properties can't break even without convention business. Vegas home prices have skyrocketed during Covid-19 in the middle of 16% unemployment. When the correction comes, there will be blood in the streets. Nevadans elected a whack job liberal governor who shut everything down.

  19. Dollar Guy says:

    2030. Bill Gates said the real virus hits in 2025. He said there should be no reopening or removal of masks until 2030 or when the last coronavirus infection is gone.

  20. Alex P says:

    My family is old time Las Vegas, and the business my grandfather started is very well known. I have observed LV for 60 years, and I used to own a home in Green Valley. In my view, I recognized two decades ago that one day tumbleweeds would be blowing into open windows and doors throughout the valley. It was obvious it was fast becoming overbuilt with disastrous results. Gaming is tied to California, and that is pretty much toast! Sad to say, the Las Vegas I knew and loved while growing up and well into my middle age is gone forever!

  21. Kathleen Cernetich says:

    The casinos that are opened don't have many people in them and after 11 p.m. the crowd is gone

  22. Kathleen Cernetich says:

    A lot of the casinos that are closed that have accommodations with many rooms will eventually turn into a HUD project and home the homeless get them off the streets

  23. Kathleen Cernetich says:

    There are plenty of drive-thrus open if a person wants to go out for dinner you can always go to a McDonald's

  24. Kathleen Cernetich says:

    It would take 10 years for Vegas to come back and I don't think it'll ever come back the way it was I've lived here 40 years and plan to move

  25. Kathleen Cernetich says:

    Vegas is empty we watch the skies every night there might be one arrival in the sky Vegas will never come back the way it was

  26. BOOGIE DOWN says:

    Used to be a big vegas goer ….Rio seafood buffet….NICE VID DUDE

  27. John Kenny says:

    Thay never felt bad for the gamblers that lost everything in fact when they were on a gamblers addiction list if they won they wouldn't get paid out so Alot of these casinos get what they deserve.

  28. Eddie Hui says:

    Hundred of thousand rooms and no one staying, in California thousands of people who have no place to stay. Wtf

  29. Eddie Hui says:

    Maybe it’s good who knows, a lots of pandemic money in there for being close completely, these people are not stupid and why feel sad while they’re celebrating,

  30. Paloma Healing says:

    What Interest do you have in Bad Mouthing Las Vegas? If you lived here, you're just doing a dis-service!

  31. mike makuch says:

    The Sad part is that the Politicians don't really care about the losses. I would like to see the people rise up and Demand that the Politicians get their pay Cut in Half while this BullShit goes on. The Masks and Vaccines are just an other way to remove our Civil Liberties. Wake up America before it is Too Late! Good Video.

  32. Roland Liggayu says:

    II hope they closed forever thank you

  33. spiker039 says:

    tropician need to be closed or remodel all!! it worst crappy nasty trashy hotel… also of course top priority is C I R C U S hotel too

  34. Tyler Buckley says:

    I used to be a gate guard to Rancho Belair where George Maloof used to live and I had the pleasure of meeting his family very nice people

  35. Tyler Buckley says:

    Palms actually opened in 2002

  36. Christian Leinenweber says:

    Too slow buh bye

  37. CatsJams says:

    Didn't realize both Eastside Cannery/Fiesta Henderson AND Texas Station/Fiesta Rancho are all closed. Wonder which eastside/westside properties are benefiting the most from those closures.

  38. Linda Petrongelli says:


  39. CatsJams says:

    Shawn, albeit different than totally shuttered properties might you consider doing a brief video on (seemingly everchanging) hotels closed mid-week? Mirage, Park MGM, Mandalay Bay. I'm still unsure of the status of Encore, Palazzo, and a number of others.

  40. Terry Snyder says:

    Even Democrats like to Gamble. Governor Sissydick screwed everyone! He has got to be a Communist.

  41. mes700 says:

    What about the Terribles Hotel & Casino in Jean, NV (formerly the Gold Strike)? That is also still closed, right?

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