11 thoughts on “Sick Runout Cracks Aces | Poker Vlog #163”
  1. John Rizzo says:

    With quads, you slow down and hope he catches hearts or an Ace then you bet. Wait for the clock to go for 20 seconds and check(save your clock. don't wait too long it will look fake). If nothing can beat you, go for the full value. Only special circumstances with crazy loose players do you do that shit. Hollywooding was invented for quads and straight flushes. Memorization of behaviors and proper timing. You will most likely have much better luck.

  2. James Doble says:

    Have you ever had aces 3 times in a row?

  3. stevnff says:

    I feel like you should have checked the quads given you have 0 chance of losing going forward. Give him a chance to possibly improve on the River as well as bluff

  4. Massive Late Fee says:

    Great video as always. Question: which site do you prefer?

  5. Tony says:

    8:45 might not be a very good spot to raise. To few premium hands on BB so you would mainly raise with draws, which I think is too bluff heavy

  6. Sjoerd Barnhoorn says:

    Nice session. I think you can improve on bet sizing on turn and river. 8To hand pot turn and overbet river. They always call with qx on this board. The a4s hand pot turn after a check and overbet river.

  7. Arthur Herrera says:

    How did your 2021 profit go from +11k to +25k?

  8. NotTheNuts says:

    So gross when they get it in so bad with AQ offsuit and STILL get there. With the AT vs QJ hand I can't see the villain check-raising river without a fairly nutted hand. Feels like a fold. You beat almost nothing on that board.

  9. Leo says:

    That Aces with AQ hurts

  10. Thomas Eychenne says:

    Hello, gg
    I dont think i like the c/r K8dd when all the Axdd have you crushed
    As well turn when you have the initiative and when you do decide to go for a bet on the J, your sizing is not very theoric, you should really go bigger orelse check your option… i understand a large bet doesnt benefit your hand, thats why you should call flop in first place 😉
    Keep the good work ! I do start a challenge myself starting the 2nd june : 10e to 1 million, check our facebook page abcpoker to watch the trailer 😉
    I will be there on youtube by than !

  11. Andrej Sýkora says:

    Those back to back rockets looool

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