20 thoughts on “SLOT BATTLE! That includes Play'n GO Slots!”
  1. Melly 21 says:

    Oh man. i´m every week hoping for our boi scotty to have his comeback 🙁
    PM for the editor: cheers for bringing back the drinking sounds. I appriciate it 😀

  2. Alljohn73 says:

    Great video lads. Thank you

  3. Alin Hij says:

    Great video lads. The game introduction intro are looking great. The whole editing team have done a great job.

  4. Jason Vickers from Reading, Berkshire says:

    Josh looks like (when doing reactoonz 2) that actor Aiden Gillen…have a look

  5. Dan Q says:

    The editor just putting the slipper into Scotty is a thing of beauty. Absolute handbrake atm

  6. richiem11 says:

    Absolute ring piece

  7. Ele Phante says:

    Scotty looks a broken man

  8. Wayne morgan says:

    Gr8 video again guys and gr8 work from the editor, I hope u pay him well,,, keep ur chin up scotty ull soon b on top again my man,,, nd plz don't do play and go again in my opinion worst provider out there

  9. championay says:

    Please guys…the crazy long intro and massive over editing are for me just making these unwatchable…no need for it all.

  10. comeonfrankie fish says:

    Just a thought, when you play games with a bonus choice you could each have to chose a different one.
    Make for more varied content and be interesting to compare the results.

  11. Scott Slots says:

    Damn Josh. That was a landslide!! We’re gonna get em next time Scotty!!

  12. Sebastian Wickert says:

    @ Fruity Slots great battle guys, but please can you make sure the slot sound is not that high, even could not understand Scotty at his opening, how ever great vid, keep up these battles please, much love (not gay) XD.

  13. Michael Vowles says:

    Haha, listen Scotty mate, fuck me you couldn't score in a brothel, love this video guys, thanks for brightening up a cold Saturday night. ❤️

  14. QueenJadey X says:

    Get up scotty lad

  15. Candyland Spins says:

    Laughed hard when I saw that Scotty intro at the beginning. Laughed more when the battle was over. Poor lad scotty

  16. Travelexpert says:

    Best slot streamers out there. No questions. Keep up the good work lads

  17. Michelle Lewis says:

    Another great and fun battle. Love watching them so much. Feel bad for scotty but maybe he can win soon

  18. Joseph McLaughlin says:

    Jamies octopus treasure bonus glitched out a few times. Might want to send that to play n go

  19. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    Hopin scotty but he has won in the past loads times n others ain't bless him

  20. Danny Goulding says:

    Good luck lads scotty needs the win but I think Jaime will do it don't worry josh my miss loves you

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