19 thoughts on “Slot Bonuses at On-line On line casino – Guide of OZ and Extra!”
  1. Metehan Bozkurt says:

    1772102422 paparaaaaa

  2. Metehan Bozkurt says:

    1772102422 paparaaa

  3. Greedy Reedy says:

    Love the vids ya dirty bastard ur comments make these vids love it

  4. Paul Thickett says:

    You woe never win any dollar on £1 £1.20 £2 like you you know m8 the only way is on the big bucks.. But big risk aye it kidda ££££boing boing

  5. Bongy B says:

    brilliant, book of oz pickling ya brain lol

  6. kkrispy2009 P says:

    Steve try playing reel me potty lobster please different stakes to win a pot please if you can many thanks try to interact with your subs please thanks xx

  7. Degenerate Dave says:

    And that folks is how not to play book of Oz

  8. Craig Wright says:

    brilliant steve, 45p get in lol, green donald !!! and the balance stripper book of oz, quality mate !!

  9. Robert wilson says:

    Love the videos bandit. Keep them coming lad.

  10. Ronny Johansen says:

    I think the bandit is acting stupid on purpose. Sure he knows the payouts for the book games and sure he knows the payline cost more when you spin for both 500x and a bonus instead of just 500x.

  11. rozza says:

    Here’s one for you! I’ve just played Hand of Midas on £125 per spin,failed to get the bonus after £50k,had 37 teases! DO NOT PLAY THAT GAME there’s something seriously wrong with it coz that is taking the piss!!!!!! Luckily got most of it back from REEL KING!

  12. Northeastbornbred says:

    Do the authorities nationwide know about the use of weapons used by all including the well established casinos worldwide? "THE SCREWDRIVER" that's right! that sucker gets used religiously on our RTP? reverse withdrawals please nothing compares to the SCREWDRIVER!!

  13. Shaun Towell says:

    I only watch hoping for the bandit 2 comeback rather than this new whining bloke I said it b4 I’ll say it again high stakes once a month these vids are SHITE look at the dislikes

  14. James Yetman says:

    I have watched every video since u made this channel it’s sucks now when I get in from work at about 5-6 o’clock in morning there no video but understand it costing u a fortune. I had a idea the other day if u could hide your vpn do u think u would be able to do a buy the bonus. Cheers for all the videos anyway mate

  15. Samuel lewis says:

    Can we please have a monthly Sunday slots on the other channel, getting withdraw symptoms even if its full of wagering to afford it, I miss the casumo days with the reel races when you had a panic attack winning a grand, keep up the good work kept us entertained for ages and helped my habit weirdly

  16. Big Smoke says:

    Have you stopped the bandit channel to really earn £200 a month on this? You’ve got money bro lol

  17. destiny sophie says:

    Do love these half hour slots and love big bass bananza and sword of Khan

  18. lozfitz says:

    i'd love a £60 win on 90p spin

  19. ASW Pranks says:

    Can you do the reel king gamble again

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