35 thoughts on “SLOT LIVESTREAM!! $1000 Bankroll!!”
  1. Slotlady says:

    Join my channel membership here: https://www.youtube.com/slotlady/join and my Patreon here https://www.patreon.com/slotlady to access my EXCLUSIVE livestreams!

  2. William Trujillo says:

    Oh cool from Canada. Wonder if they have casinos there too. Interesting

  3. Karra Crawford says:

    If you like fantasy novels, try "daughter of the forest," which is the first in a trilogy. So good!

  4. Dan Diaz says:

    Love your channel

  5. KML says:

    And a new epic expression: " Beyond sour"…. Better luck next time!

  6. Jessie Noblit says:

    When I hear people scream like that in the background I want to know how much they won that makes them scream like that.

  7. Edson Francisco Bonfim 61 says:

    Good Lucky slot my friend were Brasil Nice you Baby

  8. Matt Untz says:

    Do you have a day job ?

  9. Jennifer Abbott says:

    Did you ever find out if they will let you film at the casino here in Anderson? Love watching your videos

  10. Doug Cravens says:

    Do you like gambling for the thrill more than you like making money from your YouTube? I do enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  11. Chris Brown says:

    Hey Sarah x lmao … tonights stream was smokin … not … Dare ya – one night turn up with a fake makeup black eye or something : ) the coments would be hilarious….. So there are 6500 full time YouTubers with over a million subs & circa 200 over 10 mil … But who cares – your'e our #1 x.

  12. Steve Faber says:

    Like I told slot queen quick stop once in awhile,steve-o,alaska,just a suggestion!have fun and win.

  13. Seth Hillebrand says:

    1. Whenever you hear people scream and holler like that when they win, the best thing to say is "I remember my first win too."
    2. Hate yourself for dark liquor?? Miss Sarah, you are missing out. There is nothing finer than a nice bourbon after a terrific meal.

  14. Jurrel Toh says:

    Can u do some pontoon games

  15. Brenda Lamp says:

    Sry U lost. Oh well better luck next time. (Btw lost audio briefly on Buffalo.) Ty for playing my fav Dancing Drums machine, but sry U lost on it tho. Enjoyed it regardless. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Chris Carroll says:

    Good luck from lockdown UK.

  17. Jeffrey Wall says:

    Celcius divided by 5, then multiplied by 9, then add 32 = fahrenheit. Easy-peasy.

  18. Roger Funk says:

    You closed the pot I was happy until I saw 18 dollars

  19. Christine Reid says:

    You are really young to be always traveling especially if you travel alone , it takes alot of money to stay and play for weeks im like the other guy asking is your food and room comps?

  20. Jack Tracy says:

    You got this Sarah

  21. Stephanie Broadwater says:

    We all want to see Sarah’s knockers
    You’re so pretty all the way from

  22. Roger Funk says:

    You are in shape y would you need a butt kick work out .

  23. Rebecca P says:

    Any Hotshot machines?

  24. Roger Funk says:

    I thought I saw a puddy cat

  25. valerie hadden says:

    hello from NorCal

  26. Patrick lannon says:

    Saw you at Plaza an hour ago.
    Was going to say hi but didn't want to bug you..

  27. Patty Ratcliff says:

    Hi, how much do you tip on a hand pay

  28. Me and You Hello says:

    Thanks for sharing

  29. Home-Power Systems says:

    I subscribed and liked…the play was good and you don't keep playing when the machine is dead. Nice job on the live streams.

  30. dave spiess says:

    I''m sorry I missed it live! But I will still enjoy it! See you on the next one….

  31. Jeff Mikolajek says:

    Love it when you sing

  32. andy murrow says:

    Whens your next trip to deadwood?

  33. Lance Scoggins says:

    You said you have been there a couple weeks, are the rooms and food, comps?

  34. Richard walker says:

    Good luck from all in New Zealand

  35. richard Ramirez says:

    Good luck

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