25 thoughts on “Slot Machine Profitable At Q On line casino! Particular ULTIMATE FIRE LINK GRAND FINALE!”
  1. Mick Claman 5 says:

    Deans wid upside down ponytail ride

  2. Slot Stoner says:

    always respect that you show the good with the bad

  3. Robert Leon says:

    I love it man, win or lose, keep them coming

  4. Pat Armstrong says:

    I LOVE how you work it!

  5. Chris Holub says:

    You need to know your slots like jfk. You should rent his tips and strategy video

  6. Rebena Q says:

    You need to change rules on GF. You had $920. Man, I was like "RUN, RUN LIKE THE WIND OUTTA THERE!"

  7. Jeremiah Jalliana says:

    up up up up big up your self

  8. Stitch Durant says:

    Dude that 640$ was badass did you stop it? Lmao

  9. Stitch Durant says:

    Dude we have that dean martin at our local game room 5$ max and firelink 2.50$ mac bet i always kill it on both! Come to texas!

  10. Brandon Dickson says:

    Bubby u gotta say fuck those rules sometimes & take that money

  11. Christopher Squitieri says:

    Devastation… It's crazy how many times you come so close to doubling, and wind up at 0. Still great video. Great wins before the devastation.

  12. Sherlanda Surry says:

    Break the rules, SD!!

  13. smokey says:

    call your daddy at 1800 Biden !!! you just made snowflake of the year !!!!!!

  14. smokey says:

    SNOW FLAKE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!! FIND the nearest book store and buy the new book HOW TO PLAY SLOT MACHINES FOR DUMMIES !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mario Ramirez says:

    F the rules man walk away haha don’t do that

  16. ron alvarado says:

    Stop the pain daddy! Only good pain!!!

  17. SlotBabe says:

    All I'm screaming is RING A DING!

  18. Scott Ohara says:

    The rules prevail always.

  19. Zack Richardson says:

    Ringer diner finger haha

  20. Zack Richardson says:

    That’s hot as fuck yes mam god dam lmao that’s has me laughing so hard

  21. Nichole Weinman says:

    SDGUY with the editing skills. Love it!

  22. Jordan McCracken says:

    Lol I definitely can believe hahahah

  23. Gail Glick says:

    I won a hand pay on one machine at Ho Chunk Dells yesterday and $1100 on another machine and left with $500. I'm the stupid one I'd say.

  24. 707 SaV says:

    Just a bit of playing by the rules advice. If you gonna drop 500 and bet big go to lighting link or the railroad one Brotha. The hit big when you get those bets in. Good luck and stay blessed. Fyi smell the finger bitch

  25. Trolldentist says:

    Question for SDGuy. Do you just live in your car and use free play and comped rooms to live off of?

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