Slot machine query relating to bonus : playing

Morning slot play and nobody was across the machine, at most perhaps three individuals across the machine however they had been taking part in different slot machines

Query: A slot machine has no credit score (cash) in it nonetheless once I sat on the slot machine, I observed it was within the bonus. I pressed the button and it really was within the bonus – The online end result was $243 winnings.

The one manner I can consider how this occurred is that if the earlier participant had lower than the quantity of a traditional spin and did the “wager saver” spin. The individual left as a result of they did not care about it or did not count on the wager saver spin to hit, not to mention get the bonus.

As a result of there isn’t any credit score/cash left within the machine and I hit the spin button to start out the bonus. Does that technically belong to me or do I return the $243 to the on line casino. (I am effective returning it – last item I wish to do is get banned)

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