30 thoughts on “Slotting At Meskwaki On line casino! 💥💥💥 PLUS SPECIAL HIGH LIMIT Buffalo Gold Revolution Grand Finale!”
  1. GambletoGamble says:

    Haha I've been there

  2. Matt K says:

    It hurt watching you pull $22.50 spins on Buffalo. I won't even try $2.25 these days. It seems to be a ship that has sailed since the original versions.

  3. apachekeith says:

    Felicia Fuckface on the Island Beauty game looks like Justine Bateman of Family Ties fame.

  4. Jacob Brown says:

    Its because i put my cliffhanger hand there!! LOL. The looks you must get from people around you!! I love it im the same way i hate when people cant handle when someone else is having fun!! Dont ever change keep being you!!

  5. Juan Montelongo says:

    My coworker hit 14,640 in dancing drums at that casino last week

  6. Tessabelle M says:

    “Rapunzal my pants off” is my mantra entering 2021

  7. David Lewis says:

    there is no upgrade on that game

  8. Jim Scott says:

    Your hilarious

  9. Amanda Sattler says:

    I laughed so hard when you were talking to the price is right machine. I YAM?!?!

  10. alfred de castro says:

    You're so funny

  11. Hunter Biden says:

    Good Job Sdguy

  12. Lisa Sunde says:


  13. niko spinella says:


  14. Scott Morr says:

    All that hard work he put into the vid and YouTube rewards him with taking his advertisements out

  15. Shelley Resisting says:

    I felt your pain during those 22.50 bets. Ugh.

  16. Inujosha says:

    Sdguy: "So how do I make you feel?"

    Legend City: "Ohhh ohhh"

  17. Tony Jones says:

    Still waiting on that Legend City hand pay you promised us on live the other night! You haven’t beat mine yet kitty

  18. Kellie Ramos says:

    Off 50 in free play. Damn nice wins

  19. Kosal Hen says:

    Good video I like your style.

  20. Christopher Kirkpatrick says:

    Your the only one that dont take shit from the slots.

  21. Leigh Ellington says:

    Hey kitten!

    ….any more porn star rescues? Hahaha….love ya kitten!

  22. StripeCatFlip says:

    This casino, you have more chance of winning

  23. SadComputerNowHappy says:

    Buffalo gold has seen its day I avoid that game like the plague

  24. Lori B says:

    Rapunzel is a fine choice!

  25. Cake -80 says:

    That's where I met you bro…I love that casino

  26. Gail Glick says:

    I continue to watch you because you are a very smart gambler!

  27. Makarios Scoulios says:

    When you started playng wizard of oz, you said "OH Kill the B……" I died laughing 🙂

  28. Marie Birkin says:

    That high bet on buffalo scared me!!!

  29. John Morris says:

    Yelling over the Price Is Right just killed me dead. So entertaining

  30. John Morris says:

    OMG that’s the Alice games!!!! The Rapunzel. It reminds me of Alice and Mad Tea Party/Enchanted Mirror

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