8 thoughts on “Soboba On line casino Resort – Coming Quickly…”
  1. mitchell weidemann says:

    Take a look at the site http://www.ignition.vegas it has casino games with nice bonuses for the quarantine:D

  2. Tiger Craps says:

    can't wait. will be great place for a craps tournament like the mixing bowl, the most prestigious trophy in the craps world

  3. Jaime cuevas says:

    Hope they have a poker room

  4. Charles Brenneman says:

    Hilarious!! When I think of Saboba I think of a semi homeless fat chick spending her last welfare pennies smoking ciggies and playing penny slots and walking away in tears to catch the bus to her trailer two miles away in San Jacinto..

  5. william Espinosa says:

    Grand opening March 12

  6. Jimmy Cruz says:

    Sometime in feb

  7. Stephahhhknee says:

    It looks amazing when does it open

  8. Gilbert Rodriguez says:

    When is the grand opening?

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