24 thoughts on “SOMEONE LOUDER THAN ME AT THE CASINO?!? * THE EPIC BYE BYE! — New Slot Machine Wilds Video”
  1. Elisha says:

    That was a fun game, im going to have to look for her. Those are the kinds of games i like, if i don't win anything big at least it was entertaining.

  2. Adeline Tai says:

    I know you are anxious the games but you speak more than you play. Keep it up

  3. spazztech Luxx says:

    SDGuy gives you a run for your money on loudness.

  4. Slots NJ says:

    Game looks like fun but I would line to see a bonus before I decide if I would play it – thanks for showing us another new game

  5. Where the hell is Donald Trump ? says:

    VLR and SD are loud at times in the casino but not completely obnoxious all the time!

  6. Where the hell is Donald Trump ? says:

    When you get a bonus then scream out "make it hot baby" constantly

  7. Don Warnick says:

    Speed huh? Never noticed that before

  8. Jerry Coolbaugh says:

    I love this game…you jerk face…Lol

  9. T M says:

    I remember yesterday (and some other past videos) where if you pick the highest bet, you get some extras. Could you do a video where you play your traditional way, but every 5 or so spins you do the top special spin?

  10. Cynthia Slater says:

    Sorry that the force wasn't with you today. Maybe tomorrow in a more serene environment.

  11. clarityjane31 says:


  12. SHAWN S says:

    YOU WILL WIN TOMORROW, GOOD VIDEO TOO BAD didnt get to see a bonus.

  13. poisoncurls says:

    we gotta see a bonus sometime 😉

  14. rvmcwhorter says:

    This would be an example of a low volatility , low payouts frequently.

  15. Adam Deutsch says:

    Might as well call it the "Getting Laid" Casino. Lol.

  16. MadJoker says:

    nice slot

  17. Pizzles Tech Time says:

    Make it hot baby

  18. Mary Jackson says:

    Love how you showcase new machines. This would have been better if you got the bonus. I'll be back to watch tomorrow. Good Luck!

  19. CJOIL1988 says:

    Hey VLR, just wanted to let you know I’ve been going through a bit of a dark time lately but that being said your videos really cheer me up! Thanks for the videos bud and keep doing you!! Wishing you many more big wins ahead!!

  20. carl blumenstock says:

    Maybe that lady was playing the same machine as you, and having the same luck! She was yelling out of frustration! Now we know why it is called the Virgin. Nobody gets to score any wins!

  21. Robert Nobell says:

    Great video.love the machine

  22. Vera Greene says:

    "Keep hope alive"! That unbridled enthusiasm of yours draws us in and we share in it. Thanks to you and VLR family. As always, stay safe.

  23. Dick Trickel says:

    Awwww….. Was so hoping that you would have a winning session. I hit my local mini casino and $200 in $500 out!!!

    Another time, another slot. Chin up, good days are coming!!

  24. Will Orendain says:

    Why does the ticket say mohigan sun Las Vegas? There no casino called mohigan sun? Is that like the franchise name?

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