41 thoughts on “Soul Learn – Poker Vlog 84”
  1. Johnny Ordille says:

    Great to have you back!

  2. Randy Schatz says:

    I had to laugh when you said the flop was, “‘moist.”

  3. PokerPillar says:

    Hang in there, Lok. Your vlog game is strong.

  4. mark buonagura says:

    Was it a "soul read" or are the other thinking players noticing that Andrew is getting out of line too much? Your thoughts

  5. TwistedMetal32 says:

    The J10 is a good bluff. just ran into a fish

  6. Fish Poker says:

    What do u think hurts more, getting your aces cracked or getting called with Ace high?

  7. Michael Fubio says:

    as soon as he said moist board i quit watching

  8. JCW 895 says:

    3:36 at this moment Andrew's soul left his body

  9. Jesus Galvan says:

    That happened to me yesterday in 1/2 at lucky chances to !!! Pre flop action I raise 20$ pre 4 calls . Flop A ♠️8 ♠️7♠️ Checks through . Turn K❤️ I bet 35 he calls . River 6♠️ I bet 97$ all in and he calls with 9❤️9♦️ I lost with 56 but idk how he called with such a runout

  10. Muffin- man says:

    You used the word moist first time heard on poker blog lol

  11. Silverlicious says:

    Hi Andrew. Cool intro with the art work and Alamo Square. Tough one with that 10 J hand. Do you think you gave off a tell? Also, what is the story with three 4's? I didn't know that about that number. Breaks are always good to stay balanced with all the other things in life. Best always. Dave

  12. CzechRaiseCharles says:

    Dafuq that’s a sick hero by AJ on that board. Are you often three betting that wide that he thinks you have Queen and jack high? Not to mention if you had queen and jack high type hands you’d be way more likely to bet this flop as your hand can’t show down and win. What a strange call down. Sure he blocks AK which perhaps is the hand you’re most likely repping when you bet the river but it feels like an awful call. Not to mention you’d have to have a pretty specific queen high as he has a jack in his hand too. Weeeeeeird

  13. 1974Pantera says:

    Moist board?…………..

  14. 707 SaV says:

    I had a " Soul Read " today, long story short I have JJ I raise to 60 2 small sucks go all in and 1 calls. Flop 975 2 clubs I bet 125$ dude snaps all in. I take 3min and this player gave me a tell and I call turn river blank I take it all. 1590 pot.

  15. Kris Janisch says:

    Soul "read" or soul "read"? Such a teaser title.

  16. Ankle Bracelet says:

    Been in the Bay area as a traveler since Feb. giving vaccines and will be leaving soon. Was hoping to meet you – maybe I'll take a trip to the casino for which I've been on a 17 month hiatus. Just did the Crissy Field & Pier 39 thing. Thanks again.

  17. Joe Wilson says:

    Best of luck

  18. Caledonia Kid says:

    Play lower stakes bro

  19. Alfred Smith says:

    Hang in there Andrew just a downswing. Thanks for the video.

  20. Timothy Hwong says:

    Lok it Up

  21. Jerrell McCool says:

    Appreciate the vlogs but hoping some run good comes you're way soon. Keep grinding and remember everyone goes through bad swings too.

  22. Jay Dougherty says:

    Good vlog. Wish you’d give us more of your thought process though. You pretty much just tell us what happened.

  23. Happy Face Holdem says:

    You on IG?

  24. tehvanquisher says:

    In the JT AJ hand Maybe your tell is stacking your chips in one stack? Like a lot of the time you split your chips when you call or raise

  25. Warren Wilson says:

    Not bad poker, Thanks for the SF scenes

  26. Vito C says:

    Soul read indeed……

  27. Alexander Hitch says:

    dont be gun shy and value shove and bet HUUUUUUGE

  28. Mike Wheeler says:


  29. Joong Y. Do says:

    Yes, rest is best when it's not released.
    You harvest well and expect good play as before.

  30. rayrommy says:

    did the guy with AJ actually soul read you because he had info on you or was he just simply putting you on a bluff that he can beat?

  31. Jia Han says:

    just another bad run. You played fine. I admire you for the heart on that river bluff. They must watch your video and know you are capable of making those bluffs lol!

  32. Patrick Helling says:

    Appricate the notable locations in SF.

  33. Rueben Reynosa says:

    This is one of the reason I really like Lucky Chances. On all high hand promotions they don’t make you wait for the highest high hand. You get paid out immediately.

  34. Rueben Reynosa says:

    They weren’t having the high hand special at the time you hit quads?

  35. Gage Billingsley says:

    Really like the graphics! Reminds me of a televised game. I subbed!

  36. grindix says:

    Bro if dude hero s u for half pot with AJ hi no spade u must have some serious live tells.

  37. Mark Jeffs says:

    I guess there is no high hand at that casino? Bad run at the moment I am confident you will get back winning very soon. Keep grinding

  38. Hanh Thuan says:

    how much is your maximum ladder and lost poker , thanks

  39. Sam Edelstein says:

    lok it up

  40. William R says:

    And the AJ soul read for A high, and they call $275 river bet. That’s absolutely sick!

  41. William R says:

    J9hh for turned flush vs 84 for flopped 2 pair that rivers boat. Man, that variance blender is a beast. I’m in the blender now as well. I wish I had something more encouraging to add. Those are playable hands and you’re getting sucked out on, a lot.

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