💰 SPINNING for CHARITY 🛍 Taking part in Excessive Restrict Slots for Nicely within the Desert in Palm Springs

21 thoughts on “💰 SPINNING for CHARITY 🛍 Taking part in Excessive Restrict Slots for Nicely within the Desert in Palm Springs”
  1. Sunny says:

    I wish more communities did things like this to help people. ESP. right now with this pandemic and so many out of work. as soon as I watch the video, I will go to amazon or just donate. Promise.Sorry I missed this!

  2. Steve D says:

    Hey I entered this challenge on the site haha

  3. chim era says:

    Oh brian.. I know you're doing this for a good cause.. It so happened that your machine is too tight.. God bless your heart!!

  4. jean spaulding says:

    I saw the amblance's lined up at hospitals in L.A. be safe. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jeffry McNett says:

    Why don't you ever hit to stop it when you see good stuff in screen

  6. Christoph says:

    How to notice this video is not that old – masks, christmas music and a nice reason. Your goal of 1,500 is already reached. It's over 1,600 now… (December 18th 12.00 in Germany) I'm glad you already got this far with 4 days left.

  7. Mike J says:

    Have we ever seen Brit on camera?

  8. Sherry Seward says:

    Thanks Brian I wish I could do that but being a crippled all I can do is pray

  9. AL M. says:

    That's a great thing you're doing!

  10. Carol Johnson says:

    Thank you so much

  11. Collin Swartz says:

    I hope I'm not the only one that got the Thundercats reference

  12. Donald Pearson says:

    You need to learn when to walk away,you studying any?

  13. TeeTee Rad says:

    Fantastic. ❤ Very nice of you Brian to run this donation fund.

  14. Marathon Runner says:

    I admire and respect your dedication to helping this charity. You're setting a fine example for others to follow. Kudos…..

  15. Raquel Gordon says:

    I was late so sad. Loved video

  16. Jeanette Thrash says:

    Hi Brian the game is a little fuzzy

  17. Lynn Hamps says:

    Waste of money..the charity could have had $4000 plus ..

  18. Ramos_Mahoney *Family* says:

    Amazing!*!* way to give back ♡°♡♡°♡

  19. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    much luck bless you for all you do plus win big Beth NJ

  20. Gregory Robinson says:

    Handpay time !!!!

  21. Karen Coyle says:

    Maybe it's just me? But I do NOT find bigger bets to be more enjoyable or exciting to watch – it kinda just feels like so many of the other slot channels out there, and takes away from that uniquely Brian Christopher experience, for me. Worrying about staying in a set budget adds extra suspense, I think. I used to LOVE your "live play every day for a week" videos, where you had a set budget you couldn't go over for the whole week. Those were great! Makes every 2 dollar bet a nail biter; and every 100 dollar win a real joy. I miss that.

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