30 thoughts on “Stat Poker Rematch with Etho, BDubs, and Keralis! – Hermitcraft 7: #75”
  1. Izzy says:

    This is the first video I’ve ever liked. And I felt amazing pressing that button because it was sooooo good!!!!! Thankyou soo much tango for all the quality content that u have put on the inter-webs!! 😀
    Edit: i checked and it was the 4th vid I’ve liked but still!!! :DDDD

  2. David Pletsch says:

    I love stat poker so much! I wish you guys would play once a month!

  3. Arsal Ahmed says:

    Love your videos

  4. Bernd Arndt says:

    I would have loved to see etho's face at the last one, especially if it would be highest after he bet all his life savings into it.

  5. FilmAcolyte says:

    That’s a really cool game. Now I’m curious what my old stats looked like in comparison.

  6. Gillian Stephenson says:

    How does stat poker decide high or low?

  7. Gillian Stephenson says:


  8. Khoo Zi Ning says:

    Iskall would have won villagers killed for sure
    'the adventures to get benny'
    Doc would have won distance by minecart
    'the adventures to get diamonds'

  9. PinkZ64 says:

    I loved that episode!

  10. Christian Bauer says:

    Man, Etho was so close to being robbed by Keralis! Lucky him!

  11. Pulse Fel says:

    the light needs to be more obvious, like two lights where each is the output of a randomizer.

  12. Centregeist says:

    They actually didn't know he's called Ladders? That kinda makes me sad, man :/

  13. Black Mamba says:

    after the whole week, this?

  14. Cheyenne Culich says:

    I’ve been waiting for a rematch for so long!! It’s even better this time with more of my favorite hermits!!!!

  15. Chris Sanderson says:

    4:31 Vault Heist with the pig.

  16. Tres says:

    Moreee of thissss lol

  17. KingPickaxe124 says:


  18. MTBA says:

    Am i the only one who realized that ETHOS SKIN IS KAKASHI!!

  19. FOGGY CONTACTS says:

    Thank you Tango. This video made my day!!

  20. Doeyhead says:

    we don't get an episode for over a week…….and this is what we get?

  21. EldurThePaladin says:

    Did anyone not notice that our wholesome amazing boyo Tango forgot to put his dancing Hermitcraft intro logo at the beginning of the video?

  22. Brixbot says:

    bells rung hmm
    technoblade enters the chat

  23. SteperOfTheLongEarth says:

    "When did Tango climb so much???"
    looks at decked out its a mystery i guess

  24. Soumalya Ghosh says:

    The best intros are by zedaph,rendog,tango

  25. KPStation says:

    Keralis how many times have you traded with villagers?
    Keralis: 159 ( Pause ) Thousand

  26. Kilo Phan says:

    ehh ladders I go up and I go down

  27. Ian Bosso says:

    “I’ve got 597” technoblade: pathetic

  28. Juggy 22 says:

    Loved this

  29. Sorengoat says:

    9:51 we need to go to the kiddie table
    goes to the bar

  30. Thomas Chapin says:

    I want a server wide game of stat poker

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