16 thoughts on “🔴 Stay LAS VEGAS Jackpots or BUST 💥 INSANE Slot Motion CONTINUES @ Cosmo”
  1. Ronal Quiroga says:

    Wow that's real great.
    U r the best men

  2. Anonymous says:

    Out of focus cant watch bro

  3. Maria Giannelli says:


  4. Jose Martin says:

    Pura mierda video ni se mira bien

  5. Lisa Lipkan says:

    Hi this is Lisa from Chicago. Very exciting to watch. God bless you!

  6. Chris McDaniel says:

    Raja I love you but when are you going to fix your tbj slots app for instance the jackpots don’t match the bets I bet 1q a spin and hit the mini and get 109t lol would you play a real machine at $1000 a bet if the mini jackpot was $1

  7. Jesse Karaitiana says:

    Great hit, that monopoly was a dudd of a machine.

  8. Oliver Pejoski says:

    Play Bafalo game This is not good games

  9. Kok teong Gan says:

    BOOM!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! I can hear that in Malaysia.

  10. sophie shasha ye shasha lij says:

    men raja we love u so much u not take care of us im at cosmo now i need some money boo

  11. ifishformonsters says:

    Do the casinos pay you to advertise. Or have you play certain machines. Just asking because your wins and odds seem better than most. Unless your not showing most of your losing bets.

  12. Yevgeniy Fureyster says:

    Monopoly coolest game I seen

  13. Erin Watkins says:

    When you hit a handpay, do you always get paid in cash? Even the $100 grand? Thank you for letting us gamble high limit slots vicariously through you!!

  14. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Good Luck, later on, exiting and fun Live Stream

  15. Charlotte Nasise says:

    These Casinos need to stop remodeling and upgrade the wi-fi signals seriously.

  16. Dennis Reinert says:

    Where do I watch.I’m a member and sent a message back in December 15 and still no response and where I can watch

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