10 thoughts on “Stay Poker Stream is Again (TCH LiVE) !!”
  1. Tk L says:

    AA played all wrong, thats why he lost the hand

  2. david baugh says:

    Chaz is awful

  3. david baugh says:

    Wow that’s the worse flat I’ve ever seen in my life. Fishhhhhhh

  4. B .Young says:

    Connecticut we need live poker back!!!

  5. Kevin Cloonan says:

    you have to be a degenerate to be playing live LOL

  6. Jordan Patrick says:

    When flat calling with aces goes wrong

  7. RelaxedTension1 says:

    No masks or gloves enforced at the table? That's nuts, cannot support this channel anymore. Unsubscribed.

  8. strait512 says:

    No gloves?

  9. Mike Meunier says:

    When slow playing aces goes wrong. Aces is a 4bet for sure to get those junky hands out.

  10. Paul Hamilton says:

    Above the rim play … HES left with one move four bet jam

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