37 thoughts on “Stay Slot Play Motion!”
  1. Charlene lopez says:

    what casino are you at? what state??

  2. Charlene lopez says:

    Hi from Florida!!

  3. Surina White says:

    Had my Grandson's rodeo yesterday. He rides bulls! I didn't pass out either but I did miss your live stream but I did get to watch the replay! Thank the Lord for High Tech!

  4. Eddie B says:

    You're so gorgeously pretty lady. You're awesome slot hopper.

  5. Frankie Odom says:

    Enjoyed the livestream. Hope to see you at Hardrock one of these days.

  6. Trevor G Welch says:

    Could I Help You Push Your Buttons ?

  7. Barbara Reyes says:

    Win big !!!!!

  8. Barbara Reyes says:

    Hey girl

  9. Florida Scratch Queen says:

    Your hair is so pretty!! ❤❤

  10. Emilie Bolton says:

    You're a lot of fun. Thank you.

  11. Stephen Helton says:

    You are adorable. Sorry missed the live. Great video, so fun.

  12. Rochelle Mailhot says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom

  13. Mark MacIsaac says:

    Was hoping you would give that Pink Diamond, "badboy" a few spins hopper, even though somebody won the 40k. Just a gut hunch..lol. Enjoy the Day! {:>)

  14. TERRI ARCHER says:

    After all that walking you deserve o hit a hand pay. Good luck


    Here, saying hello to you

  16. Dimples Samuels says:

    I enjoyed your live despite.

  17. Al&Bel Slots says:

    Someone got a major on that high stakes last night. Should have told you to try stinking rich its up by those wheel of fortune. We put 10k in it. Al wanted to punch it.

  18. DeuceSixs says:

    Missed it sorry I’m at work , hospital biz is crazy

  19. Dimples Samuels says:

    Hi Slot Hopper win big

  20. Al&Bel Slots says:

    Missed your live and missed you at HR. We were there Tuesday and Wednesday and it was terrible!!! Well at least for us. Hope you have better luck friend.

  21. Poppa Silver says:

    Hello from texas

  22. Dimples Samuels says:

    Hi have a great handpay night

  23. Lisa Marando says:

    Good luck!

  24. Directand Design says:

    2 to grow on

  25. Directand Design says:

    Yay proud ofnyu

  26. Marvin Davis says:

    lets go

  27. Directand Design says:

    Ok so they want it lol

  28. Directand Design says:

    Heya ya

  29. Bobby Buser says:

    Hello from texas

  30. Directand Design says:

    I’m ready exciting

  31. Directand Design says:

    It’s JayDee

  32. Directand Design says:

    Hey hopper let’s win

  33. david.PERRI p says:

    Ohh no , did miss u,dang it!!! Still love it HOPPER!!!

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