34 thoughts on “STRAIGHT FLUSH! $50,000 Poker! Texas Lotteryb scratch off tickets ARPLATINUM”
  1. Tony Hurd says:

    I think these tickets are worse than the casinos lol

  2. Rodney Bucholtz says:

    very rare you win when dealer has only a pair

  3. Dennis Dang says:

    Always Keep going!!!

  4. Mary Jones says:

    I think you should do what you want to do.

  5. Juan Lemus says:

    Have you done an all or nothing for the 20$ multiplier spectacular?

  6. ghetto clinton vidz says:

    Ghetto Clinton vidz big shout out

  7. Rufus Wilson says:

    Did you catch that straight flush on ticket number 64

  8. Miguel Suarez says:

    I would have kept going. But only the $100.

  9. Jeff Mame says:

    gotta call it sometimes

  10. Meg Road says:


  11. Meg Road says:

    Overall this is a tough ticket to chase’ I think you’ll have better luck on some of the others.

  12. Meg Road says:

    I can’t believe how high the dealers hands are.

  13. Meg Road says:

    Good Morning AR….Happy Wednesday Buddy’ Hit It Big!

  14. Mary Jones says:

    I t,hint you should do what you want

  15. DianeDeeTrying says:

    You said it just stop. This one is boarding.


    I do not like any kind of poker tickets but I do like to play poker. Keep scratchin & winnin AR.

  17. Salem Love says:

    Yeah you did the right thing… those 5$ tix are brutal, you winning that 50$ was your only way out winning… plus your super entertaining “All or Nothing” rules are best played for tickets 20$ and up imo because your chance of hitting something major are enough to keep me watching.. rooting for you bro, cheers

  18. ginger balls26 says:

    Would love to be the shoutout of the day 😉

  19. Own Know says:

    Glad to see you got some wins on those tickets, because all poker tickets are terrible.

  20. james bonsall says:

    Up here would be a 200$ dollar winner

  21. james bonsall says:

    My name is james and i am from michigan and they had them tockets two years ago and i won 500$ on one

  22. Josh Scott says:

    TICKET 63….. 4 of a kind beats a Full house….

  23. idkwhyiam says:

    long vid…

  24. C&A Slots says:

    The $10 WSOP ticket was my favorite ticket ever, I won $500 on it 6 times and I only play $20 once or twice a week when I get gas, I love the poker tickets

  25. ghetto clinton vidz says:

    Ghetto Clinton vidz. Big shout out!!

  26. winston laddie says:

    Take your money and run at least it gives you some back, and enjoy all your videos.

  27. David Holland says:

    The strength of the dealers hand does matter. i believe if im correct you will NEVER beat the dealer when it has a weak hand such as a pair or two pair. I could be wrong but thats been my experience with this ticket so far

  28. Simone Robinson says:

    Could I please have a shoutout on February 18th, it’s my birthday. Thanks and good luck 🙂

  29. Larry Holmes says:

    Keep going. $50,000 jackpot somewhere

  30. T at T Productions says:

    great session, AR! seen good poker tickets, and bad poker tickets. :p we have to say that yours ranks among those on the not so great side design wise. ^^ not to say that they weren't fun, but you were having scratch problems. and what was up with those offsets?! o.O you also got to see that the lottery let you play almost the entire pack for $100! should have gotten those last 12 tickets! XD you would have played something like 41 tickets? so awesome! ^^ love the series! 😀

  31. Lith333 says:

    Fun ticket.

  32. Karen Todd says:

    keep the money. Play it on something else

  33. J Pilkington says:

    I dont blame you on quitting. To bad you couldn't profit

  34. Cynthia Rather Walker says:

    Good Session! I’m glad you took the money and ran! Good Luck!

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