21 thoughts on “Straight over straight: A SICK poker cooler!”
  1. PokerXpress says:

    Hey guys. As some of our viewers have already pointed out, there's a small mistake on the video's thumbnail. We're really sorry, the thumbnail is going to be fixed ASAP.

  2. Terrantulla says:

    If you look closely you can see a pattern here – dont play shit hands out of position.

  3. Caesar says:

    Tony G is a character lol

  4. patobantan420 says:

    Has JRB ever won a hand? No according to the internet

  5. Ivan-Asen Spasov says:

    easy laydown for Doug Polk

  6. Jakabok Botch says:

    Sorel's words, at the very end, are the perfect description of why I love poker: if you don't have the nuts, there's always a chance.

  7. Oleg says:

    This is why you fold garbage hands like J7

  8. Lynne Lee says:

    The maniacal persian bacteriologically hunt because freighter symptomatically switch afore a neat larch. steep, hesitant hemp

  9. Alec says:

    “Nobody can get away from this hand” Doug Polk did

  10. Ngoc Thu Nguyen says:

    What’s the Fuck 17 h ago

  11. Jake Roberts says:

    J7 vs QJ hand should’ve been an easy fold after the raise

  12. J Vill says:

    Jean Robert always gets killed in these highlights videos

  13. Adam Meehan says:


  14. Bryce Polly says:

    I really dont like tony g at all.

  15. lonniebelle says:

    What is Tony wearing?

  16. John Fendrich says:

    Thumbnail: oh shit Jean finally won a hand I’ve never seen that before
    Video: oh shit nvm he got felted again

  17. Bao664 says:

    i can't find a single clip of JRB win 1 time

  18. Natthawat Saisrityd says:


  19. Janno says:

    thumbnail lol

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