15 thoughts on “Stream Highlights: BIG Bonus Hunt with Amulet Of Useless and Slot Vegas 55x”
  1. Chris Marshall says:

    Keep winning it's nice for a change I never do ?

  2. Mystic Soulz says:

    do you not feel bad taking advantage of vunreble addicted gamblers?

  3. Beinn Alligan says:

    Will, It was my first trip on public transport for over a year and the bloke in front of me was listening with headphones on, so he didn't realise his fart was so loud. The old wife in the seat opposite him made his take off his headphones to harangue him as the bus was silent until he broke wind. The poor bloke was obviously flummoxed by this, as he was oblivious to his parp. He was watching this video from you at the time.

  4. KennyY says:

    F’**k sake, thought I was going deaf there till the wife shouted at me in stereo.

  5. Winfred Small says:

    Nice hunt

  6. Private Eye says:

    Thanks for the entertainment over the
    Lockdown period much appropriated
    You've been a star will.

  7. Snedz1967 Gaming Benchmarks says:

    u gt a gaming chair yet?? __

  8. Ayrshiregers2 says:

    Enjoyed video. Like your hunts mucker

  9. Fibro Dad says:

    left side sound

  10. kakikyle says:

    ffs i just spent 10 mins fiddling with my sound before seeing the comments lol

  11. fairz animations says:

    I had my hearing aid in and my headphones now I need a hearing aid for my hearing aid

  12. Joanna Jowett says:

    Excellent retriggers and excellent profit and stream well done my friend x

  13. Johan Ben says:

    Wow that's jarring

  14. Diana Petersen says:

    hmmmm…..why not in stereo ?????…….on left side sound

  15. Vlad Alexandru says:

    My left ear enjoyed this

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