35 thoughts on “Streamer EXTRA MEGA EPIC WIN x90.000 on The Canine Home Megaways Slot – TOP 10 BEST WINS OF THE WEEK !”
  1. Des Toohey says:

    You are putting content up you are not allowed to. The only real one here was Casinodaddy and they don’t want to be put in the mix with some of those fake streamers.

  2. Eugen Griga says:

    All fake money

  3. Munesh N says:

    Everyone please do not get carried away by this, all slots machines have huge odds against player, these streamers play on bonus money whereby thay have to complete wager to cash out.

  4. Christian Cano says:

    Tac tac tac

  5. John Smith says:

    Guys this is all fake money…they just want to lure you into playing in this casino sites , so you loose all your hard earn money…

  6. Luke Fenton says:

    So fucking fake its unreal!!!

  7. Warren Mitchell says:

    What a load of bollocks

  8. Bradders says:

    Wow, these actor's are crap lol

  9. Kyle a says:

    demo lol

  10. Putra Santana says:


  11. M W T says:

    I thought I was watching an episode of Eastenders

  12. BOSSWIN SLOT says:


  13. Simon Gjørret says:

    Stop the clickbait

  14. Robin Black says:

    Clickbait bullshit ^^ 90kx where?

  15. Ian Putra says:

    I'm from indonesia

  16. SAMUIL BABETTO says:

    Go buy a house man !

  17. francisco faisano says:

    sobre todo fijaros si arriba les sale alguna oferta de premios semanales o torneos, los demás son más que falsos, no lo sabéis ni celebrar cuando os toca, no sabéis ni mentir

  18. francisco faisano says:

    por cierto, donde pone el balance en todos vuestros videos? jajajja ridículos

  19. francisco faisano says:

    yo si me meto en google, también puedo jugar con 100k de dinero ficticio, y puedes elegir ponerlo en dólares… euros etc etc , cualquier slot puedes jugar gratis con 100k ficticios, payasos que no sabéis lo que hacer por ganar suscriciones y visitas en los canales, sois patéticos.

  20. Daily Warior says:

    Idiot scam

  21. Ni No says:

    Fake money strimers hahahaha

  22. Nad Slot Official says:

    Come here

  23. Aradam GT says:

    Fake thumbnail, fake streamers sponsored money

  24. SSS SLOT ONLINE says:

    hadir bosku

  25. Peter Morgan says:

    good week, congratulations!

  26. Dodgy Dave says:

    Must of blinked when the 90,000x came in…..

  27. Kasmin Perdian says:

    goood love thecontent

  28. Intergroups IG says:


  29. Willis_Senior says:

    I don’t think you quite understand x……… the dog house mega ways was 1170x don’t clickbait bullshit, it’s bad enough it’s all sponsored money.

  30. 1523 says:

    Love the acting by classy beef

  31. Arrxys says:

    Love the content

  32. PimpChemi l says:

    Ese es mi pelaoooo

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