38 thoughts on “SUMMER BIKINI CASINO WAIFUS?! DanMemo Information | DanMachi Memoria Freese”
  1. Ejay Strife says:

    A new player just played for about 3days and just wondering what is the reward for completing all bell's ep. for all difficulties im at 22-3 normal mode

  2. Argonaut says:

    So I was complaining that I couldnt get 1 argo unit and then I open 1 crozzo unit I end up getting 4 crozzo bonds(my crozzo was at 64) and 2 Argo bonds(My argo was at 64 from the hero trials) I got one more from the next crozzo unit then I used a star bond on him now I have them both mlb

  3. Cong Hieu says:

    Which is the best assist with HP regen?

  4. Cong Hieu says:

    Keep up the good work!!

  5. Bobacek002 ulr says:

    from this event i get more than 8000 iris but i just needed that argonaut and crozzo

  6. Sirius 180 says:

    if casino banner have already ascending unlocked, i'm gonna be so pissed

  7. Andou says:

    Oooohhhh that mikoto tho….. I need it

  8. Anvrw says:

    How can you get on that discord

  9. Xero ASMR says:

    Demeter looks so majestic. I love it.
    That Ais tho. Hehehe. Still waiting for Haruhime… :sigh:

  10. Galaxy 44 says:

    still waiting for dual sword wielded Ryuu Lion, what episode she will showed up, really looking forward to her

  11. Chavanun Siphomsay says:


  12. edwin sparks says:

    Argonaut and Crozzo are hilariously good if you stack their buff/debuffs and then combo them for Ancient Bond

  13. Jisatsu Tenshi says:

    Yo Technia if you've done the lv. 130 story for the Argo event can you do a video on it because I'm struggling

  14. Alita Road says:

    It's hard to be excited after the horrible imbalance Hero Light is causing in the game.

    It really is a buzz kill they are stacking so hard towards Whales and almost kicking the f2p out all together.

    Maybe these units might make it not sting so bad but having a King 1 team pushed down to BP 1 is pretty bad.

  15. Clasher Tim says:

    I have 2360 iris bc I didn’t spend any on the new units

  16. Young Master Gaming says:

    What region should i use to download this game?
    Im using iphone
    And im from philippines

  17. Clasher Tim says:

    Argo and crozo literally made a wall barely made it to King 1 in last war game

  18. Kur0Yuk1 says:

    wow they are stacked

  19. Okunyasu says:

    Chloe & Mikoto…. Oof… I HAVE TO get them

    I hope I don't need to use any money, but I'll do it for Chloe MLB if it comes to that…. I'm scared… Wish me luck, I'm going to need it lol

  20. David C says:

    Riveria looking Fine!!!

  21. Dager says:

    A bunch of waifu are being released? well crap I'm saving now, was going to pull on anniversary one last time but never mind

  22. Nivra says:

    did anyone else get pushed back in wargame due to all the other people having like max MLB Crozzo and Argonaut units? I was at King I before the event and now i'm at Battle Princess I :'(

  23. Airi says:

    I got 10k iris kicking and rdy for this

  24. Antarctic Monarch says:

    I see waifus in bikinis. I immediately smash that like button.

  25. Nathan Stautzenberger says:

    Demeter is channeling her inner Esdeath

  26. Mëdiocre says:

    Finally Naza and Demeter are getting some love.

  27. Carlosc105 says:

    @Technia — A unit that can remove Physical Resist Buff: [Time Limited] Shizu & Riku – Single Target Mid P.Attack


    (idk if the link works)

  28. Mitsurugi667 says:

    This summer banner is going to be the best and worst for me. Best because i absolutely love the art for all of these new summer units. Worst because I'm low on iris and I want all of these girls. >.<

  29. ArkWill Lim says:

    Soma is the God of Lili's familia, the one that produces Soma's wine

  30. trev taylor says:

    Im new to this game but do banners ever come back

  31. ArkWill Lim says:

    ugh i really wanna reinstall the game but my phone cant handle it anymore 🙁 damn those bodies, i mean waifus

  32. plasticvitamin says:

    Argo part 1 & 2 stole my iris

  33. plasticvitamin says:

    My iris… why?

  34. Beep says:

    off topic:
    does global server of grand chase not have the major update yet? if not, try to fully awaken your sr beforehand since a dupe/radiant shiny isn't enough for 1 purple star after the update(+5 to +6). also save up a ton of prana since each transcendence awakening costs 10k(not new I know, just a reminder since you'll be able to transcend the rest of the sr's) and save up 40k honor points to buy serdin in the honor shop if you're interested that is.

  35. Muhammad Khairi Lutfi says:

    I want that mikoto !!!!

  36. Cent says:

    Argo and Elmina are max lb for me… I can’t get my new waifus ;-;

  37. Kaz Violante says:

    Is this part 1? Where's Syr, Hestia and Ryu??

  38. Hestia is Bestia says:

    I want hestia

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