6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening On line casino Motion!!”
  1. Jeroen says:

    I'm going to do a 2k withdrawl, and one thousand spin. 2 seconds later: i'm going all in. God know when to stop Rollah.

  2. Kevin EB says:

    What was going on with the balance during 300 shields at 3:16:20 it went up to £2860, then up to £3261 by the end of the bonus then back down again to £788 after the bonus?

  3. Liam Duffy says:

    Great stream have a good break mate

  4. Simon Jupp says:

    Thanks for the stream rolla
    . Good luck with what ever you do next.

  5. GROUND is KEY says:

    Cheers for the entertainment. When you come up with your plan, try sticking to it the best you can, then happy days.

  6. nathan mcguire says:

    Great stream rolla. Enjoy the break and we all look forward to your return

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