13 thoughts on “SUPER MEGA HUGE WIN +400.000€ on Hand Of Midas Slot – Data Wins Of The Week”
  1. Federico Guerriero says:

    How much is fake classy beef, wow unbelievable

  2. САНЯ Щепец says:

    Towny Cottone

  3. Mark Chapman says:

    Why click bait??

  4. Gorgan Ionut says:

    On the minut 15.46 they win whit 2 of the best simbol 100.000 k and on minut 16 they win whit 3 of the best simbols 33.000 k this its boll shit

  5. adam simmons says:

    Click bait no one won 1.4 mil euros

  6. Mariusz Keska says:

    This is scam .real casino die guys go delate acont all Casino let fuck this shit

  7. Ali Nazli says:

    Big fake 😉

  8. Dark Night says:


  9. Maya Bibi says:

    I'm one of your big followers, and I'm very happy when you win, clear from my heart, I'm big fan sir.
    I'm very problem sir.

  10. Павел Дронов says:


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