17 thoughts on “Sykkuno's Hilarious Job Interview At The On line casino Was A Catastrophe | GTA RP | ft Charlie, Whippy, Lysium”
  1. OTV POG says:

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    Sykkuno is currently robbing convenience stores lol. Really turned a new leaf.

  2. Nina Kovacevic says:

    The donut made them take him

  3. PrEz tHe heArt bUtt0n says:

    I thought no one could top Amigops but this team right here is on another level lmao

  4. Eddie Delgado III says:

    The avatar state lmaooo

  5. J Kardi says:

    Casino boss: "It's 3k a day".
    Charlie: "Uh, I would also like to apply for a position if it is available." XD

  6. no one says:

    all of their synergy together is insane and I love it

  7. codm m says:

    What's Cassie's twitch?

  8. Seth Jay Catamin says:

    are they all real person? i mean all of people in GTA are real person?

  9. ManMan23016 says:

    21:28 Bro…. there isn't a scale that could accurately tell you how hard I died when I thought Yuno was about to knock his boss the fuck out after complimenting her glasses

  10. xtzhyr says:

    Okay am I trippin or does Riley sound like Brookeab?

  11. oOo ShyGuy says:

    “Yeah give em a refund”

  12. Nobody Special says:

    "This is the team right here. The hardest working people in Los Santos… A stripper. Australian. I can shoot people. Homeless."


  13. Xonk says:

    totally unrelated but there is hot coffee all over me now

  14. Play It Cool says:

    Anyone know What is Cassie and Riley twitch name?

  15. The Loyal Shinobi says:

    Charlie's character actually looks exactly like him lol

  16. Raymond Lin says:

    "Small town boy in a big arcade" xd

  17. cesshirecat says:

    Meeting whippy on the road by sykkuno still the biggest miracle on RP. The most chaotic met the most innocent.

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