9 thoughts on “Taking pictures Star Closing Desk Highlights WPT Championship $1,3M to 1st”
  1. 맛있게먹겠습니다. says:

    누가 저 보기 흉한 가짜 눈썹 좀 떼주기를~~~

  2. NKN NB says:

    can someone explain how Adam is a good player?

  3. C M says:

    Crooked dealers

  4. C M says:

    Adam is a lucky bum

  5. Jose Castro says:

    What year was this?

  6. frank says:

    Good luck ,A9o

  7. Cyber Mondays says:

    when live poker will back to heal like on this vid..

  8. PataraQartveli says:

    R.I.P Mike…

  9. かひ says:


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