14 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Poker Run 2020 – Episode 1”
  1. I would welcome Chloe on my boat aanyytimee.

  2. Chad Dixon says:

    Awesome drone work and footage, Stu. I'd rather watch this red carpet than any other "celebrity" red carpet any time!

  3. The Ships Logg says:

    Got a chance to see some of those same boats in Key West in November. Those are some sweet rides. I posted a video on my channel.

  4. logan smith says:

    Loving it been watching since 2011

  5. brandon thorbahn says:

    Great video brother, my family livesin the area off Cortez hwy by the bridge they just built going to AMI.ive been trying to get em to join the club for the last few years.

  6. Jaime says:

    Another great vid ! Stu, I said it before, and deserves another mention – your 1080 Project turned out stunning. In this vid we have a closer look at the fit and finish of the upholstery (I'm serious) and looks like it came from the factory (or better). I've seen all the videos related to the build, mind you. For curiosity sake, what is the top speed of your "baby"? Cheers!

  7. Killer B says:

    Well, the boob holding the boob ruined that photo…

  8. Robert Olsen says:

    Great to see a Front Runner Boat in your video. I know one of the Owners of Front Runner.

  9. Jack Huang says:

    Love Chloe FPC girl. And super cool presentation hardware s. More bikini the better is , just you love Stu. Eye candy is the best cure for eye sight symptoms.

  10. Darren Dannenberg says:

    Dude……your speedo broke?…..
    Aahh, who needs that, you can tell by the sound!!!…lol

  11. Bill Carp says:

    When I grow up, I want to be a bikini girl photographer. What a great job they have.

  12. Frans Badenhorst says:

    Another stunning presentation Stu

  13. Lisa Baxter says:

    Just gotta love that lifestyle!

  14. Corey Pennington says:

    Love this vids Stu! Will join y’all some day in the near future!

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