27 thoughts on “Ten Greatest Bets within the On line casino”
  1. Steven Ellsworth says:

    The best odds in a casino is on sic bo . If you bet a single number you get 3 dice to hit 1 number which is even money. Which means no house odds on that bet.

  2. Greatly G says:

    Dang he looks really old

  3. Bryce says:

    I had to step out to the men’s room for about two minutes…did I miss anything?

  4. Richard Pico says:

    yes, craps don't pass laying full odds is a solid bet, especially when you get pass the come out of 7/Yo, then player has the advantage.

  5. Jeff Stone says:

    And Mike, you did not tell Angela that after she won 1/2 the odds money she bet on the 7, she has to stop shooting!! Craps is the best game in the casino. If you also want to have FUN, bet the pass line!! Come on, .27 vs .37? Make the best bets, and as you always say no center stuff, and GET LUCKY!!! Unless being a schadenfreude is your thing. Great videos though. I have learned much from you. Thank you.

  6. Jeff Stone says:

    10 Best? I only saw 2 ;-P What did the guy say? Great video though!!!!

  7. This is Not a name says:

    I, like everyone who watches these videos, have the biggest crush on Angela. She’s such a beautiful woman and seems like she has a great personality. I’m glad that you have such a good friendship and professional relationship. She’s as much the face of this channel as you Mike.

  8. Norwood Wildlife says:

    Angela always has a pair of Aces.

  9. Guapo says:

    The casinos burn two cards after the flop in ultimate Texas hold ‘em? Aren’t the community cards there at the beginning?

  10. ddd228/Dave in Seattle. says:

    9/6 VP is at The Cal and at The Peppermill,at last look. And 4 Queens.

  11. ddd228/Dave in Seattle. says:

    Mine comes in as grey and white,too!

  12. Adam Rivera says:

    A common question I hear is "does she have an Instagram?" Come on guys! Casino games! And kitties variant names… to rub when stressed like she said…

  13. rob kober says:

    Angela’s Only Fans account would break the internet

  14. Todd S. says:

    In the words of Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke: "She knows EXACTLY what she's doing"

  15. Alan Smithee says:

    I swear, Angela looks like Amy Adams' sister

  16. Alan Smithee says:

    Welcome back Angela love seeing you in the videos

  17. awy1977 says:

    Always listen to the Wizard when he puts out data, but Angela is looking great. Mike looks like the years are catching up, but Angela looks the same as 10 years ago!

  18. Alice Liddell says:

    I just LOVE seeing you two together! 🙂 Best duo ever and always sound advice

  19. jason Miller says:

    u robbed her of a chip when she got blackjack lol

  20. Bradley Giesler says:

    Been playing crazy 4 over 20 years he has no clue

  21. MDW8 says:

    Why does everything look so big on my 75" screen

  22. MDW8 says:

    I was completely distracted

  23. Neil Yaremchuk says:

    Those polka dots are having all the fun.

  24. Robert Durso says:

    Is he talking? Why?

  25. Jay 21 says:

    If u look closely there are 2 people in this video

  26. Steve Veasey says:

    9/6 JOB is widely available but my god its a boring game to play with so few high paying hands. I would rather play NSUD Deuces Wild (there may be full pay Deuces Wild somewhere in Vegas but its tough to find) or Double Bonus. Deuces Wild is the easiest strategy in the world for Video Poker, Double Bonus is a tough game to learn near perfect strategy but you can still find the full pay version in quite a lot of places because most people don't play anywhere near perfect.

  27. Astrosjer says:

    The team is together again! Hooray

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