35 thoughts on “Tesla Inventory & Video Poker. The Ugly Facet of Excessive Restrict Video Poker. VLOG #35.”
  1. A Word For You! Debbie says:

    No you didn’t make a mistake. You made money. You can’t time the market.

  2. Ed Tomaszewski says:

    I love the Mc Rib and also video poker. If I EVER lost 7k I'm not goin' home and won't come back for fear of death ! At least I can still eat.

  3. Dr. Keith Michael Everman says:

    You should have never sold your Tesla Stock

  4. Vegas Player88 says:

    Wonder if your home state of Utah allows gambling write offs?

  5. Jack Keys says:

    Sorry to hear about Tesla. Market timing for the whole stock market or an individual stock is SO hard!

  6. james jenicek says:

    I've owned 50 shares since 2016. I sold 5 shares early this year at $950 per share. I don't regret mainly because of the split. Very tempted to cash out when it went over $2000 before the forward split. Don't sleep on DKNG & SPCE.

  7. Terry B says:

    Sorry about the loss! I think Tesla's are freakin cool looking. Every time I see one on the road I'm just gawking at it! Do you think the prices will come down a little in the future?

  8. Silenthill6120 says:

    There's something about that McDonald's coke is so good. But the mcrib just hit different with Dr. Pepper

  9. J L says:

    It happens – I dumped $1600 last night playing dollar VP. I didn't even last an hour. But a big loss will make for some good mailers moving forward.

  10. Cameron Utter says:

    hey it was bound to happen…your still on for the royal and at your play rate it will come and make back what this day was

  11. Jim in Detroit says:

    All investors have some woulda, coulda, shoulda story. Bottom line is you are never wrong to book a profit. Hoping the stock will run some more, a boost for my retirement. Enjoy your videos

  12. CarolLiz says:

    We've all done it with the missed stock opportunities. With investing and gaming —- Oh, to see the future!

  13. Joshua Thomas says:

    Do you think its possible for someone to build a bankroll at the quarter level or not worth the time?

  14. Dave Pitts says:

    Always kick myself for not buying Netflix when I was first thinking about doing it back in 2012. has got up 1500 percent or so since. Ugh!

  15. Keith says:

    Im a local Kinda High limit VP player. I know all the thoughts going through your head when a session sucks balls… never playing again— not giving my winnings back—is that $100 FP worth the drive to Wendover—I could have used that $7000 on whatever and so on. Lets hope the chasing losses false thinking doesnt creep in. I play .50 5 play super double double and up $3400 for the year. I play about 2x a week only on free play days

  16. Dusty D says:

    Tesla is due for a pull back. Maybe it starts tomorrow with the stimulus package not being signed. Hopefully you and I can buy back in around $400 after the new year.

  17. Mark Challed says:

    I understand the selling the stock to get out with a profit. Too bad you couldn't make it back and hold the free roll. Aces with the kicker. That was bound to happen on the wrong game. Thanks for the post.

  18. Mark Pederson says:

    Perhaps consider bitcoin…

  19. John Charles says:

    I respect you alot. Your story on Tesla stock and lost possibilities is the sort of thing that happens and I know I have lost like this several times before ….
    I think you know this already it is how we bounce back and maintain our resilience

  20. Tim Harrigian says:

    @slotmassacre….what is your take on internet video poker…its legal here in PA…any thoughts????

  21. Tim Harrigian says:

    Thanks for showing all the nickel and quarter players the reality of high limits ya better have DEEP POCKETS….keep swinging and gobbling up all the free play while it lasts….

  22. janis talcott says:

    Tell me about UGLY. I went to 3 casinos today. It was a total disaster for me. I got 4 to the royal every few hands and 3 of a kind. Didn't land anything. Must be something in the air today. Feel you.

  23. rrCHRISxx says:

    Right there with ya, same story.

  24. bo dog says:

    Don’t short TSLA too many people have lost millions shorting them

  25. Mark Hayden says:

    In the short run you can time it right with both the stock market and video poker. Long run timing is a losing proposition. Time in the market; than, rather trying to time the market. I no longer own a single individual stock; but, rather a boring "boglehead"portfolio of very low cost, tax efficient index products. In both the stock market and video poker "slow and steady"often wins the race.

  26. Bill Slim says:

    Yep… around 3.5 mil if you had kept that stock! 😉

  27. Brad Figiel says:

    Crazy on Tesla. I bought in at the high 400's and am waiting for it to correct any day especially with the idling of the California plant for a couple weeks. Have a loss limit in for the high 500's but like you said it keeps bucking the trend. I still feel it's a boutique stock but if you can't beat em……….. Know how you feel on the volatility. Dropped 5k two weeks ago and not even a 4oak. Recouped a bit yesterday with a JKQA with JQKA. Had $65 free pay today hit 4 tens and cashed for a 200 gain. Needed a win for the soul. Merry Christmas! ps-stock that's more exciting then Tesla…Enphase Electric. Solar inverter company that just scored Australia contract. Should do well with The Green new deal.

  28. Vegas 777 says:

    Andrew that diet sucks, geez u gotta get away from fast food

  29. Andrew Reisinger says:

    I respect all YouTube gamblers who show the good AND bad. Next time, bro…

  30. Jay Wange says:

    I appreciate the honesty!! You show up side and down side!! And as a math teacher – I LOVE the number crunch and Probability side

  31. Yankee Kurt says:

    Until next time. Hey all good things must come to an end. Time for a new streak!

  32. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Wow another harvest AAAA with 3

  33. Steve Weiser says:


  34. Kris Green says:

    not glad that you lost but happy to see you aren't a computer and are a real person! lol Was beginning to think you hacked the casinos! LMAO You're still way ahead! Don't give it all back now!

  35. J H says:

    At least you were in it (Tesla). Me, I have been following the stock since it was in the mid 40s excitedly. But stupidly never bought a single share. Instead, I blew all this money on VP. Very sad, indeed… Oh and those streaks with no quads, they are not rare! But how about getting dealt 4 Aces with kicker on JOB going down in denomination after having lost a good sum on TDB and DDB? Now that stings!

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