21 thoughts on “Test Elevating at Lake Elsinore On line casino | Poker Vlog #30”
  1. Aztec Warrior says:

    Hey at 2:41 2:42, why didn't we get to watch how those hands played out?

  2. Mr anonymous says:

    Cringeworthy poker. Just remember, if you can't point out the sucker at the table its probably you

  3. Chaleman R says:

    -$54 Loss is like a win. L.E. Casino lol hell yeah

  4. Cameron says:

    When did you play this session?

  5. Del G says:

    Why do you show KQ suited and roll on, did you not play it?

  6. Varnell Poker says:

    Always a pleasure watching your vids Alex! I see some negative comments but remember you can never make everybody happy. Keep them coming. I could watch a vlog that was an hour long buddy!

  7. Stratos Nicolaidis says:


  8. sabman83 says:

    Is this place currently open?

  9. Dennis Hall says:

    Like your Rampage card protector. I would get one if I didn’t already have a cool custom glass protector.

  10. Get Rich or Die Scratching says:

    Love the videos!

  11. James Guest says:

    Enjoyed video, do not count pot that is a bet not called, new sub

  12. Hunter Johnson says:

    Kinda silly to count your uncalled bet in the winning hand pot size…I enjoy your vlog tho.

  13. Victor Frankenstein says:

    Wow, after watching the last vlog from a different player at the Texas Card Room, this looks like scared poker (by the whole table). The nitwits at the TCR all play, raise, call, and reraise with almost anything. Not sure which game is better? Glad you did O.K. (Minimal losses), but would you have preferred the $2-$5 insane TCR game over this yawner of a game?

  14. Kvic901 says:

    Your bet sizing annoys dealers

  15. PirateIsland says:

    Damn this looked like a tight session all around the table huh.
    Very minimal action XD
    Its hard to find good games these days with the corona out there.
    Fishes wont wait 1-2 hrs just to sit at a poker table.

  16. Richard Alfaro says:

    When is your next session?

  17. Dan Duncan says:

    Enjoy your videos, especially at Lake Elsinore. We go there in February and I really enjoy it, very nice people. Do you think they’ll still be open?

  18. Michael Lee says:

    some constructive feedback: 1. most hands you go over are super uninteresting. 2. stop telling us how much the pot was at the end everytime. 3. seriously who cares, like you said, stop showing what happened in the hand after you folded. makes it so painful to watch this crap

  19. Jamie Paolinetti says:

    Thanks man! You played a really well balanced session in my opinion! I was wondering, you flashed a bunch of hands early in the vlog and a couple were okay like small pocket pairs… whatever… The question is if you don't tell us about that hand does that mean you folded it? It would be cool to know what position you were in if you did. Thanks again!

  20. Mitch says:

    Ive been there… Actually spent a lil time in Perris. Cool stuff man.

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