14 thoughts on “TEST your poker READING abilities ♠️ Greatest Poker Moments Retro ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Hamza Saloojee says:

    Absolutely love this ! More more more!

  2. Rob's World says:

    First hand: Put Bondo on like a QJ, but second thought was A10/AJ after he called the turn
    Second hand: I did put him on a J on the river bet, because he made a small size bet on the river, probably hoping Joe had a 3 and would call
    Third Hand: Knew he flopped a set and had a boat on the river (8s or 4s full) since he bet into 4 other players immediately–almost looked like he knew Lodden or someone had an A and knew he'd call (by the river)
    Fourth Hand: Put him on a flush draw when he took long to call the all in: My guess was 89 of clubs though–definitely not any straight flush draw which he'd have called right away or with anything like AK/AQ/AJ of clubs

  3. WhenTheStarGlow says:

    You should let us see the remaining chips if you want to test our reading dude geez

  4. LJ Neubauer says:

    2020 standards

  5. Brent P says:

    Angling in 2nd hand with 88…

  6. Francesco Morgante says:

    Love these videos!

  7. Jakob Olson says:

    predicted A10 clubs last so not too far away unlike the rest of my reads

  8. Edward Patrick says:

    More video like this, please?

  9. Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

    Moja pasja jest tez gra w pokera

  10. troll says:

    Man spraggy is the typical new age kid. Can't muster a good fold if his life depended on it

  11. Shooter333888 says:


  12. Zap Zap says:

    greetings from Philippines.

  13. Avi Langer says:

    Joe hachem laid down the eights to a bet of 2,500 and qj is so good

  14. Ido Meyuhas says:

    my reading is first grade level

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