44 thoughts on “That is the Greatest On line casino to Gamble in all of Las Vegas”
  1. Jason Steele says:

    I didn't see you tip the dealer once bro I hope you did

  2. Jesse On A Motorcycle says:

    Love blackjack!!

  3. Robert Lee says:

    Bias, sponsored.

  4. John Yi says:

    Are u working for cortez or whatever that is

  5. Ecstatically Extreme says:

    I stayed in the old bugsy vintage suites

  6. Gwen Scott-Miller says:

    I have had many great times at the El Cortez.

  7. GrottoRabbit says:

    I like that Only In America dyalla remix! Resort fees wouldn't be so bad if you got hotel merch upon entering the room! The Jackie Gaughan Suite is Sweet! El Cortez use to offer a package for that Suite with the Mob Museum!

  8. Jacob Rosen says:

    You're growing on me, Pompsie.

  9. mike ahuja says:

    omg congrats on the win

  10. Tasha Got It says:

    A High End Motel 6

  11. pierre andrada says:

    Thanks for the informative video and info. Would have never expected a cool
    Looking place off the strip. We might give it a try coming from San Francisco.

  12. Shep Queasy says:

    Love the El Co, always plan a day there when I'm in Vegas. The customer service is great – for example, I was looking at the old Lincoln coupe they have parked in the lobby, and one of the security guards walking by stopped to strike up a conversation about it. Just some chit chat, nothing special. But when he continued on his way he ended with "So nice to have you here today sir.".

  13. Cole Cole says:

    The Cortez o god! Someone help this guy out.!It is complete garbage.

  14. Kevin Bullard says:

    El Cortez have resort fees?

  15. SuperVin55 says:

    Cool video of El Cortez but if they intend it to mean courteous, it's misspelled, as courteous in spanish and portuguese is with S. at the end & w accent on the é

  16. Kevin Bullard says:

    I'm going to have to hit this place next time I'm in town…

  17. Jerry Dwaileebe says:

    i'm old school vegas, been going to Vegas since 82. El Cortez is my favorite. feel at home there. and the machines are loose.

  18. cards25 99 says:

    I want my 6 minutes back. ugh.

  19. Snarick Klash says:

    What kind of moron walks around a casino with his hoodie up? Like it's freezing in there. Oh I get it, he's supposed to be cool.

  20. Gordon Ross says:

    Love you Pompsie but you gotta double that 11 against a 9 Bro! And… never stay on 16 against a 7 or higher 😛 Fun vid 🙂

  21. Tony De says:

    I get an alert from you and i'm not even subscribed. I do follow alot of slot players.

  22. Nassem LA says:

    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

  23. Bill Endy says:

    One thing to keep in mind if you are driving around downtown is that there is a lot of road construction at the moment. Traffic can and does bottleneck in some areas.

  24. Teresa W. says:

    I notice Greta like sitting and laying on hotel room floors. Ummm she may want to reconsider doing that. Hundreds of shoes, protein and other bodily fluids are down there. Just saying!

  25. Howard Redmond says:

    Am there today great place for serious gamblers

  26. Steve Winter says:

    10 dollars is high limit? Whats low limit 1 dollar hands?

  27. Richard Monye says:

    El Cortez management is disgusting they are very rude specially unprofessional don't support the El Cortez I'm a veteran and they treated me wrong they treated other veterans very rude to don't support that place

  28. Adam Valvo says:

    I just stayed here for a week a few weeks ago. Loved it. Great place. Nice little sportsbook inside, great rooms. Great atmosphere.

  29. Amer Ahmetovic says:

    Guy got a ride or die chick ain't nothing better then having fun with a girl who loves U

  30. Curbside Tech says:

    Awesome video I cant wait to visit El Cortez. I never been before but seems awesome.

  31. Gabriel Samuels says:

    Is It Good To Play Dice There As Well…

  32. James Clayton says:

    This video is not available on youtube website on my laptop. But it is available on my iPhone YouTube app. Anyone know why this is happening?

  33. john havlis says:

    El Cortez is O.G. I love it there. Good Vid Poopsie

  34. Michael Zera says:

    Hi limit and it's only $10 a hand? You didn't double on 11 either. What??????

  35. Brandon B says:

    Stayed here for the first time in January and was blown away by how nice their renovated rooms were. I will be back in May. This is probably the coolest place I've stayed at. You get that old Vegas look and charm, none of the glam and glitter that the strip offers. Definitely my favorite place to stay. Oh, pro tip, this place offers complimentary transportation from the casino to the airport. You just need to make sure and give them 24 hours notice before your flight departure.

  36. Dodif Pipes says:

    This is the WORST place to gamble! For me anyways. Lol Great video as always.

  37. Joe Tomalee says:

    Love your videos. I have to give a warning to any marginally good blackjack players though. The El Cortez considers any basic strategy player that has ANY luck to be an advantage player / card counter. I have been backed off for moving my bets from $10 to $20 and being up less than $100. I play basic strategy and don’t even know how to count cards. I have never run into this type of reaction at any other casino in North America or Europe. They have a nice casino and fantastic rules but don’t tolerate any marginally good play.

    What is ironic is that it was only because of getting ‘backed off’ by the El Cortez that I even learned what card counting was. l instinctively bet larger when I’m winning and less when I’m losing. Apparently, this strategy equals card counting to the enlightened pit personal at the Cortez.

  38. Scott Carter says:

    Going to be staying at the at the plaza last week of April but I think next time I come to Vegas I'm going to try the El Cortez really enjoyed the the review.

  39. Dylan King says:


    Casinos: WE HAVE TOO MANY

  40. Ray Eitelberg says:

    Why didn’t you tip the dealer?!?!

  41. Kevin Hude says:

    I love the coin slot machine games

  42. Denny Zeecko says:

    Nice looking place , Great video, thanks.

  43. Wes Naylor says:

    Would stay there just for the sweatshirt. Good service

  44. Onecoolguy says:

    Pretty wise of el cortez to give him a private game of blackjack and allow filming it. Im pretty sure they allowed him to win to entice those gamblers watching

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