13 thoughts on “The #1 Talent to Enhance Your Poker Technique”
  1. King Kongo says:

    Luv the content Alec but disagree with you here. I believe Self Discipline is the single strongest skill to develop that will lead to success at poker. Modern poker requires so much study, calculated restraint, understanding of ranges, etc etc that if a player doesn't have the self discipline required to be able to force themselves to be self accountable and, ergo, able to force themselves to continually improve by increasing their capacity in areas like, say, hand reading, then even if they somehow obtain a perfect understanding (which they really shouldn't, but say they do) of hand reading, their lack of control and ability to successfully implement that information would result in continued failure.

  2. Barkus Aurelius says:

    It took me a long time to learn that poker is a game of working out the player's hand. Such an important video. Thanks Alec.

  3. Brian says:

    How many bumps were taken before this recording?

  4. David R says:

    Hand reading is towards the top of the list. But hand in hand with that, what changed my game from me being a terrible, losing player to being a big winning player overnight was tightening up preflop from early and mid position. VPIP way less. Stop playing trash hands or speculative hands, especially in 3-bet pots.

  5. RussoSF49 says:

    Just hide your big chips behind your stack!

  6. Jeff Martin says:

    Using this thought process makes every decision so easy late in hands.

    I will say I made it 7x in a 1/2/5 hand two days ago and got rivered by 57dd so people definitely play wide.

  7. John Havardsen says:

    Good video. I might try this. Look more into this

  8. The Voice Of Reason says:

    But can I be all loosey goosey eating a sandwich?

  9. Chris Carleton says:

    This seems so obvious but is actually fundamentally where I went wrong for so many years. The principle of not just giving people back hands you had discounted because a straight gets there on the river turned my game inside out. This video is very well produced and a sound foundation for poker at any level

  10. Matty says:

    Uhm yeah, guy shoves where i play 62o. I would literally bet you cant beat the game i play at. It's impossible to hand read most people there. It's literally impossible to win without the absolute nuts. I will pay you to come play here.

  11. Tony Abraham says:

    Know whether ur opponent is new to the game. New people don’t usually bluff.

    Then dictate whether they are bluffing.

  12. Brian Harris says:

    Seriously Alec, Mom called. Didnt want to write this obviously but just text her bro. Its been 3yrs

  13. PAOK OFFICIAL says:

    I wanna become a full time poker tournaments. I just quit my 16 years jobs N now I can't find any job that I enjoy….I love playing poker tournaments tho. Should I take out money from my 401k and try out. I have about 130k in there….

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