45 thoughts on “The $10,000 Canine Home Megaways Bonus Purchase! (INSANE SETUP)”
  1. TIAGO Veiga says:

    Hi , gamdom just bloqued Portugal with out even warning , they say i just Lost all my balance i had avaiable there , instead of warning so i could withdraw them … They say Portugal is bloqued and i lost all my balance, Lost my 1 LTC , can SOMEONE help me resolving this ? Any way of getting my money back

  2. desijat says:

    Let the video play instead of flashing your ugly face…

  3. William says:

    Kris777 roobet pleas man been watching you for the past few months

  4. Patrick Ellison says:

    Always mind blowing when someone doesn’t pick sticky

  5. MissPinky says:

    yes u should have pick sticky XD

  6. Henry Low says:

    we got the dog here..
    the dog: Am I joke to you. LOL

  7. Alex Robinson says:

    The intro really do slap!

  8. NIKO says:

    maybe opening on key drop

  9. Mati says:

    And that's why you should always pick sticky wilds.

  10. Nikola Markovic says:

    Never go raning, never pays..

  11. Springu387 says:

    "For those that said you should've picked sticky" – said Watch trying to prove something but it actually paid good

  12. LunkerhunterTV says:

    Watch hop on roobet , have you a fat affiliate bonus

  13. Wihte Hat says:


  14. Hiram says:

    See should have done sticky….

  15. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  16. SWEERIDOW says:

    love this slot

  17. Skrrr Bababa says:

    U are the weak bradley martyn

  18. John Fitzgerald says:

    Amazing content from your favorite Miami friend – Romeants

  19. Henny Entertainment says:

    absolute banger !

  20. Tezan says:

    Bro the intro is so nice i love it

  21. papadjrowe says:

    Never buy the raining!!

  22. Rune FS says:

    6:10. You're welcome

  23. Rare Gaming says:


    Dont talk to us like that ok … We are always right

  24. Nexso says:

    What do we learn from that always do the all in Rage buy

  25. Marcus Karlsson says:

    Thats why u go sticky

  26. bhambra68 bhambra68 says:

    Got REAL MINERALS..M8 . London word for BALLS ..love London parl. Nice WIN .

  27. Dillan McFarlane says:

    why tf would you do raining its so garbage

  28. MYSTIC_ rage says:

    Watch will u case battle meeeeeeeee

  29. CleverchesyTM says:

    Love the content you put out at full force mate, btw keep that 80's style intro i frikkn love it!

  30. Dare Modgy says:

    Dope win

  31. Michael Komarasri Vahlberg says:

    U shuld try 300 shield Extreme. Real potencian, once got a x3500

  32. Alexander says:

    Ehm ok

  33. Fick Dace says:

    Prod be that addicted friend. 10more 1k lmao

  34. Young Squid says:

    Love the content!!

  35. s41N says:

    if you asked tck he always says sticky

  36. Chean Yoko says:

    Next time can you try 25k bonus? I want to see something more intense

  37. Ralph Atkinson says:

    Dude, raining every once in a while, but sticky is the ticket

    Edit: I commented before I saw the nice hit!

  38. Ethan Wilson says:

    When he bought the 10k, I was like "Why didn't he buy sticky, raining didn't pay shit" and then that's the conversation they had.

  39. capitan stell says:

    Im in the chat , u have to pick sticky wilds

  40. Game Over says:

    lets gooooooo ! big love <3

  41. Kadek AriYawan YT says:

    Yo I just wake up

  42. Кирилл Бутовский says:

    Геи тут?

  43. Daniel Zamfir says:

    Great win, man. Congrats

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